Photo Story: A Not So Common House

by Helen Fernandez [gallery type="slideshow" ids="6385,6410,6409,6430,6429,6427,6426,6424,6422,6421,6419,6418,6417,6416,6414,6413,6412,6411,6415"]

Let's face it: dorm life isn't the best. Cramped spaces, little to no privacy and community bathrooms provide a less-than-homey atmosphere. That's why many students are choosing to live in one of the 15 co-ops around the UT campus. One in particular, The House of Commons, is a vegan co-op that holds 27 students. None of the students in the house eat meat, and they try to make this clear to future residents. These photos tell the story of the residents, what life in a co-op is like and the comraderie that has formed throughout the meatless household.