Linked: Social Media Cheating

Social media outlets are good for many things: keeping up with friends, connecting with classmates and checking out the latest buzz around town. They're also tools for spying on your significant other. I don't necessarily condone this, for multiple reasons - one being that curiosity will drive you crazy. I don't want to have to wonder about each girl that "likes" my man's Facebook status. My roommate's boyfriend actually deleted his Facebook profile because he was tired of seeing comments like "Wow, sexy," on her photos.

Column by Danielle Haberly

I agree that suggestive comments can cause irrational jealousy. A comment, in all its intrepidity, lingers like a bad after-taste even if you delete it. When in a relationship, explicit boundaries need to be set when it comes to social media. Talk to your partner about what is deemed appropriate to "like" on Facebook or comment on via Instagram.

These boundaries raise a serious question: is there such a thing as social media cheating? I believe there is. Contacting an ex or any other potential suitor via social media when you are in a relationship can definitely be classified as emotional cheating. Even if you never actually get face-to-face with the person, flirting online is flirting nonetheless, and it still hurts. How would you feel if you caught your lover texting another person using cute emojis and winky faces? It would sting, wouldn't it? The same principle applies to social media contact. Online cheating is a real occurrence we should all be aware of.

I am currently in a long distance relationship. I try to contain my curiosity when it comes to his Facebook activity, but if I saw that he had liked a photo of his "friend-girl" in a bikini, I think I might get a little jealous. I trust him and truly believe he isn't "Facebook cheating" on me, but where is the line, and how do I know if he crosses it?

I think this judgment should be made after noting reactions from your body. If your stomach drops and your face flushes with a red irritation after seeing your boyfriend's comment on another girl's Instagram photo, then maybe a line has been crossed and you should discuss it with him.

You have to be careful online when you're in a relationship. We all know that you can't necessarily control who says what on your photos, but secretly messaging your ex is unacceptable. If you can't speak to that person publicly, why are you speaking to them at all? Does this mean you should block all of your exes from social media sites? Maybe.

Being in a relationship is full of choices. Each choice you make shows your partner where they stand in your list of priorities. Be open and honest about your social media content. Every time you post or like something, ask yourself how your companion would feel about it. If you imagine them reacting negatively, don't do it! Fighting over social media is petty and ridiculous. One simple rule to avoid these situations: think first, post later.

Use your best judgment when it comes to the choices you make online. You'd hate to break up your relationship over a silly thing called the Internet.