10 Things That Won't Happen in Legend of Korra's "Book Four: Balance"

Story by Selah Maya Zighelboim Little more than a month after the “Legend of Korra” season three finale aired online, Nickelodeon rolled out “Book Four: Balance.” Fans everywhere rejoiced and despaired. We were still processing the last book’s emotional turmoil, and we needed time to recover. It’s early in the season, but “Legend of Korra” has already hit us with numerous twists and turns. Yet, there are still some things we can bank on not happening.

1. Varrick invents the Internet, and all of Korra’s potential enemies become too busy discussing their radical ideologies in online forums to act on them.


2. In a Mulan-inspired move, Korra cuts her hair to take her father’s place in the Southern Water Tribe army.


3. Bolin, tired of romantic drama, decides to dedicate himself to the bachelor lifestyle and work on improving his “man-cave.”


4. After seeing the Air Nomad’s new outfits, all the other nations conclude that jumpsuits are the right choice to propel them into the modern age of fashion.


5. Ba Sing Se becomes the birthplace of the first democratic republic in the Avatar universe.


6. Working as Prince, soon to be King, Wu’s bodyguard drives Mako to drink away his sorrows at a tea shop called “The Jasmine Dragon.”


7. A forbidden romance between Korra and Asami against the backdrop of revolution will win Anne Hathaway an Oscar.


8. Kuvira’s rise to power as an opponent of chaos doesn’t parallel the historical rise to power of any tyrant, dictator or strongman.


9. “Legend of Korra” creators remember that “Legend of Korra” is a children’s television show and keep the graphic deaths and complex political ideology to a minimum.


10. We finally learn what happened to Zuko’s mother.