The Hungry Professor: Chef Gosling

Story by Jenna KhakooPhoto courtesy of Sam Gosling

Recently added to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers at UT Austin, Sam Gosling has made a name for himself around campus. This isn’t surprising considering that he teaches introductory psychology, an online course that around 2,000 students tune into each week. You might know Gosling as the British psychology professor whose antics make for engaging lectures, but how much do you know about his snacking habits?Hungry Professor- Sam Gosling

ORANGE: What is your favorite food to make?

GOSLING: Snacks. I’m working, working, working, then I realize I’m hungry. At this point, I want to be eating in 12 minutes. I don’t want fast food, though. I use ingredients for snacks that don’t need to be cooked. This way, I can quickly pull something together.

ORANGE: What foods could you not live without?

GOSLING: Olives. I could live without them, but olives and avocados are my favorite.

ORANGE: If you could have dinner with your hero, where in Austin would you take him/her?

GOSLING: My hero is kind of an odd hero. It’s Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations. He didn’t try to pretend the world was simple. I would take him to Justine’s. It’s French bistro food. Justine’s is probably my favorite remaining place.

ORANGE: What is your favorite meal?

GOSLING: My favorite meal is cooked by my friend in Berlin. He’s Italian, so he takes great pride in cooking. The meal he makes is vitello tonnato. I’m generally a vegetarian, but I do make an exception for his vitello tonnato. It doesn’t sound very good, it’s beef with tuna sauce, and it’s eaten cold. But, it is.

ORANGE: If you could eat or drink one thing everyday for the rest of your life and not suffer consequences, what would it be?

GOSLING: A fine champagne.