An On-Trend Halloween

By Kyle Cavazos With Halloween only days away, many of us will be rushing to put together a last minute costume. Who says you can’t be fly as hell and still be in costume? Here are eight costume ideas you can pull off with on-trend pieces from your own closet.

Married Jim photo: Modeled by Kyle Cavazos

1. Married Jim from The Office Let’s admit it, we all love Jim and wish we were marrying him. Emulate Jim’s heartfelt tribute to Pam when he cut his tie right before their wedding with this ensemble.

From the closet: Slim black suit, thrifted cut tie, oxford dress shoes From the store: Carnation

Scarecrow: Modeled by Sarah Kriegh

2. A Scarecrow A flannel with overalls is the quickest way to make someone think you’re a farmer. Just add a straw hat and scarecrow-inspired makeup to pull off this costume.

From the closet: Cut-off overalls, flannel From the store: Straw hat, makeup

Wednesday Adams: Modeled by Marissa Alvarado

3. Wednesday Addams Wednesday Addams’ brooding in black outfits seems like less of a costume and more of a lifestyle. Add some braided pigtails and you’ll be channeling the morose daughter of the Addams family.

From the closet: White collared shirt, black tunic dress, black tights, black boots

Lumberjack: Modeled by Kyle Cavazos

4. Lumberjack Put on your finest red flannel, add an ax and suddenly you’re a lumberjack. Don’t misplace your ax or else you’ll just be another Austin hipster, lost in the eternal abyss of darkness, slowly being consumed by the nothingness around you.

From the closet: Red flannel, skinny jeans, black boots From the store: Bloody axe

Witch: Modeled by Bayli Armendariz

5. Witch Erase the idea of the crooked nose, boil-ridden hag and take some inspiration from “American Horror Story: Coven.” Be a witch with style.

From the closet: Black kimono, black crop top, black pants, black boots, black felt hat

Waldo: Modeled by Jessica Slate

6. Waldo A striped tee can go a long way. With a matching red beanie and red shoes, you’ve become the character everyone is trying to find.

From the closet: Red and white striped tee, red beanie, blue skirt/jeans, red socks, red shoes From the store: Black framed glasses

Greaser photo: Modeled by Kyle Cavazos

7. Greaser Be a 50s greaser (without the sexist, demeaning culture). Slick back your hair and a add a dark denim jacket. Stay golden, Ponyboy.

From the closet: Denim jacket, black shirt, black jeans, black shoes From the store: Hair gel (because no one should be using gel regularly)

Rosie the Riveter: Modeled by Britta Sedillo

8. Rosie the Riveter Showcase your feminist spirit by imitating icon Rosie the Riveter. It’s the easiest way to let others know you will not tolerate sexism this Halloween.

From the closet: Red bandana, denim shirt, denim jeans, white shoes