Restaurant in Review: Bouldin Creek Café

By Elena Mejia

Bouldin Creek Café, located at the corner of S. First and Mary streets, has a style that blends with the spirit of Austin — a full vegetarian menu in a dog-friendly, laid-back environment. I was uneasy about the vegetarian-only options, but this restaurant satisfied my taste buds.

Bouldin Creek Café's decor creates a vibrant space at the corner of S. Frist and Mary streets.

On a Friday around 5:30 p.m., string lights highlighted colorful walls on the outside patio. The menu offered gluten-free options, breakfast, tacos,salads and “sammiches.” The waiter recommended the Veggie Royale, an all-time favorite sandwich at Bouldin, served on grilled ciabatta bread with greens, tomatoes and red onions. I, however, glanced at the Hot Stuff! section and ordered the Fajitas Italianas.

These fajitas, comprised of roasted portobello and zucchini strips, were sautéed with garlic and red onions. Locally grown tomatoes, warm tortillas and house salsa accompanied the plate, giving it all kinds of color and tastes.

The meal included a homemade chipotle-pecan pesto, which was definitely a bonus. This mixture of both chipotle salsa and pecan nuts was interesting, and it added an exotic flavor to the portobello mushrooms.

I made myself some tacos with the assortment of ingredients I had on my plate — the warm tortillas, fajitas drizzled with house salsa and pesto, topped with the fresh, organic tomatoes. Juicy and savory, it was a mixture of many different flavors that combined perfectly in one bite. The roasted portobello and zucchini strips were soft, but crunchy and tasted slightly of onions and garlic.

The cafe's decor is dynamic - yellow, blue, and orange walls with abstract, lively paintings

As I finished my meal, I glanced at the menu for a hot drink or cup of coffee. After all, this place is also known for expert baristas and their locally roasted, organic and fair-trade coffee. I went with their standard drip coffee, and enjoyed it so much I cashed in on my free refill. That left me too full for dessert, but it gives me an excuse to come back soon and order one of their vegan pastries or maybe their blueberry cornbread. Bouldin Creek Café is a great Austin eatery; I recommend this one, even if you are not keen about veggies.