12 Kitchen Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen

By Madeline Lincoln The kitchen is a sacred place in the home. Memories are made, and time is spent with the people you love most. And every kitchen is different. You you have a pristine Viking range oven or a hot plate with food permanently stuck to it, but the kitchen is your place to cook. Whether you are an Emeril Lagasse or the master of your microwave, here is a list of handy tools and novelties that belong in any kitchen.

1. Chef’n Strawberry Huller - $7.95 Strawberrry

The stainless steel prongs snatch the berry’s unwanted stem right out of its core, so you can get to munching on those delicious strawberries sooner.

2. Kuhn Rikon Cookie Press - $29.95


Tiff and her treats better watch out. With this gadget, cookie monsters are able to get their fix faster. Just put your favorite cookie dough into the container, squeeze the handle, and beautiful medallions come out.

3. Jalapeño Corer - $10.95


This gadget cores jalapeños with ease so your fingertips don’t accumulate painfully spicy residue.

4. De-Skewer Tool - $12.99 De-skewer2

Mmm, I can smell the sizzling grill already. Coaxing succulent meat off of the skewer is frustrating. This tool lets you securely grab the goodies and slide it off of the skewer with ease.

5. The Pomegranate Tool - $19.95 Pomegranate

That juicy, ruby orb of the pomegranate is difficult to get to. With this gadget, you can easily separate that bitter white pith from the gems — without staining your clothes.

6. Mix Stix Drumstick Kitchen Spoons - $10.99

Drumstick spoon

Cooking and music go hand in hand. With these wooden spoons, you can jam out to your favorite tunes while cooking your favorite food.

7. Fixie Pizza Cutter - $23


This slicer’s two blades completely cut your pie with one swipe.

8. Foodie Dice - $24


Each roll of the dice offers you a protein option, vegetable option, cooking method and herb choice. These cubes could help you burst out of your food rut and create new recipes.

9. Nibble Cake Pan - $20


It takes willpower to resist nibbling your pristine cake once it comes out of the oven. With a mini vessel attached to the cake pan, the bakers who have obediently baked for hours can cheat a little.

10. The Dipr - $11.95


Oreos and milk are perfect for each other. It’s a sad day when you lose that cookie in the abyss of milk. With The Dipr, you place the oreo in the spoon, dip, and eat. You get a safe dunk every time.

11. Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper - $12.95

Corn This gadget strips the cob of its yummy kernels in one easy swipe.

12. SteakChamp Thermometer - $49.95

steak-thermometer This thermometer lets you know when the meat is at your preferred “doneness, “ so you can stop poking and prodding that beautiful slab of meat and let the grill do the work.