Don't "Sweat" It: Tracksuits Are Back

The struggle to be both comfy and fashion forward is over.

Story Leslie Adami

Photos by Jan Ross Piedad

Sweatshirts and tracksuits no longer belong folded and stuffed with your other workout clothes — they’re a part of your wardrobe.

During Milan’s 2014 Fashion Week, Fenti and Moschino tracksuit-inspired pants graced the runways in loud prints of vibrant blues and steel grays. After touching down here in the U.S., shops have made haste to dress their mannequins in all things that used to make fashionistas cringe: draw strings and hoods.

Now that these casual workout go-to’s have upgraded, you can, too. Two boutiques on Guadalupe Street (AKA the Drag) have found a way to exchange your casual street style for some street cred.

On the corner of 29th and Guadalupe Streets, the boutique Langford Market has caught up on the rugged trend with a variety of tracksuit-inspired pants, and sweatshirts hang on the racks throughout the store.

Danielle Henry, a senior training manager at Langford Market, says she quickly succumbed to the store’s recent arrivals. “I love the big varsity sweatshirts. I love track pants. They’re really big right now, and I guess you could say it’s a good way to cheat,” Henry says. “You can pair them with Nikes and a denim vest for a more sporty, casual look one night, or you could also do heels, like a caged bootie, if you want to look more glam.”

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Dainty Hooligan on 21st and Guadalupe Streets is another store that has mastered the relaxed look — by pairing hoodies with dresses and sweatshirts with bold statement jewelry.

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As college students, the dilemma of finding an outfit that looks mod-ish, but feels causal can be a long-winded process. With finals and cooler weather fast approaching, you’re going to need a wardrobe that’s going to be there for you. So, snuggle up in that sweatshirt. Go out in those drawstring joggers, without fear (even if it’s not to the gym).

Go ahead. You deserve it.