29 Fun, Healthy Ways To Use Coconut Oil

If you are the slightest bit interested in health and wellness, you have probably heard about the latest super food craze: coconut oil. It’s no secret that people are going nuts for coconuts, but why is this natural oil so popular? Well, it turns out this energy-boosting food can be used in multiple ways from cooking with it to rubbing it in your hair.

Story by Bella Tommey


Here are 30 useful ways to get the most out of your favorite fat:

In your food and beverages:

1. Put it in your coffee instead of creamer. (Trust me, it’s delicious.)

2. Spread coconut oil on your toast, instead of butter.

3. Use a tablespoon of oil in a smoothie to enhance flavor and keep you satisfied.

4. If you aren’t a coffee kind of person, mix a tablespoon of oil with a tablespoon of chia seeds for an on-the-go energy boost.

5. Use coconut oil instead of vegetable or olive oil for high-temperature cooking.

6. Boost your metabolism with a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning — it is easy to digest and encourages fat burning.

7. Pop your corn in coconut oil and drizzle some over the top for a delicious, healthy treat.

8. If you enjoy a good Betty Crocker Instant Mix, alter your baking routine by replacing vegetable oils and butter with coconut oil.

In your beauty regimen:

9. Use it as skin lotion.

10. Use it with a cotton pad to remove eye make-up.

11. Rub it on stretch marks to reduce their visibility.

12. Rub it through your hair for an instant frizz-tamer.

13. Cover your face with the oil before bed for a nighttime mask.

14. Mix with equal part sugar for a smoothing body scrub.

15. Rub on your lips as a natural lip balm.

16. Cover your split ends with coconut oil and leave for a few hours for shiny, soft hair!

17. Replace your shaving cream with coconut oil for super smooth legs.

18. Massage into your skin regularly for a long period of time to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

19. Give yourself a home pedicure by mixing with salt and rubbing on your feet to remove dry skin.

20. Mix coconut oil with baking soda for a natural, teeth-whitening toothpaste.

21. Rub the oil on your cuticles to improve nail health and growth.

22. Mix antibacterial soap with coconut oil to clean your makeup brushes effectively.

23. Strengthen and elongate your lashes by applying some coconut oil via a cotton swab.

General wellbeing:

24. Rub coconut oil in the inside of your nose to reduce allergy symptoms.

25. Rinse a tablespoon of coconut oil mixed with a drop of oregano oil around your mouth (it pulls oil) to improve gum health.

26. Smooth over sunburns to decrease pain and healing time.

27. Dab some oil on a mosquito bite to reduce itching.

28. If you suffer from digestion issues, consume a tablespoon of coconut oil before a meal.

29. Cover a cold sore with coconut oil and watch it disappear.