Shia-surprise! Shia Labeouf Arrested on Sixth Street & More Breakdowns

“Just do it,” actor Shia Labeouf beckons in front of a green screen. “What are you waiting for? Do it!”

By Emily Gibson

Labeouf is reportedly in town for this weekend’s Austin City Limits festival. I can only imagine Shia’s own motivational speech was playing in his head as he approached the street corner in downtown Austin. He attempted to jaywalk across, despite orders for Austin police officers — who tried to stop him from achieving his dream of being on the other side of the street.

Reports say the actor was “acting bizarrely” on Sixth Street and was then  arrested for public intoxication.

Of course, the ATX Internet exploded:


All I can say for certain: Shia Labeouf is officially one of the internet’s strangest and most fruitful meme. It’s unclear whether this is an extreme form of self satire or the most poetic artist breakdown since Vincent Van Gogh.

To celebrate Shia Labeouf’s arrest in Austin, here is a timeline of his most famous breakdowns.

1.   February 2014: Louis Stevens no more

Shia attended the premiere of a movie he starred in called “Nymphomaniac” with a bag over his head that read: “I am not famous anymore.” What’s strange is: he was about to become really, really famous for being really, really weird.

2.  February 2014: #IAMSORRY

Shia, wearing aforementioned bag on head, hosts an art exhibit where participants are asked to choose one of a few strange objects on a table and go confront the actor himself. Occasionally, he removes the bag and cries.

3.  May 2014: Don’t urin-hate

Shia was banned forever from a restaurant after urinating on the wall in the parking lot. The real kicker: he came back in and tried to order food after the restaurant’s manager caught him.

4. June 2014: The Hamburglar incident

TMZ released a video of Louis Stevens chasing after a homeless man in New York City, trying to grab his McDonald’s. Seriously.

5….later that evening: The Cabaret Incident

That same night, Shia was arrested after drunkenly catcalling members of a Broadway production, and then falling to the floor and taking several other chairs with him.

Shia dropped off of the Internet pretty successfully after that. He popped up here and there, but didn’t make headlines. Austin can change that in person. He’s back — full force, drunkenly running down Sixth Street and getting arrested.

Here’s to you, Shia. Just do it.