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In this recurring column, the Buzz writers share their favorite viral memes, dreams and themes from the week.

Zoya Zia: Check Yourself, #HateUnchecked

Protesters screamed passionately, claiming to exercise free speech. Seems pretty normal. Seems pretty democratic. However, these protesters clutched guns and called for the deportation of all Muslims, spouting racism and prejudice. Tweeters expressed their outrage at the inhumanity of these protests with #HateUnchecked. Muslims used the hashtag to describe living in fear of hatred, isolated from the rest of the county. Allies, like the Jewish Voice for Peace, used the hashtag to stand united with these Muslims. Check yourself, all. #HateUnchecked cultivates bigotry.

Read more about the Muslim response to the protests here.

Read more about the protests, including the view of US Representative Keith Ellison, here.

Colum-bye, Columbus: #IndigenousPeopleDay

Did Columbus really discover America? Did he treat Native Americans with compassion and dignity? After all, we learn about the peacefulness of Thanksgiving Day. After all, America celebrates Columbus with his very own day.

The answers to these questions are, unfortunately, gravely upsetting. Columbus did not discover “India,” or America. He stole from the Native Americans, setting up the systematic discrimination of tribes across the country. With #IndigenousPeopleDay, tweeters discussed the importance of rethinking Columbus Day and learning about the vibrant, diverse cultures of Native Americans. The hashtag brought awareness to the destruction Columbus brought across the Atlantic and the lives that America, for too long, has neglected. Cities are already changing the narrative of Columbus Day to become more accurate. Austin, I hope you’re next.


Kristen Balderas: Runnin’ through the 512 with Drake

Whether you were “Charged Up” at Austin City Limits Music Festival weekend one and saw Future join Drake on stage, on your “Worst Behavior” during weekend two when J. Cole joined the party, attended both weekends “Back to Back” or read the “Headlines,” you probably know that Drake loves Austin. Drake had the crowd for both weekends “Up All Night” and full of “Energy” with his amazing sets and “Unforgettable” shoutouts to our city and our team. During weekend one, Drake called the crowd his family and expressed his love for Austin. During weekend two, he gave a shout out to the Texas Longhorns football team after they beat The University of Oklahoma at the Red River Rivalry (#ousucks).

All future claims that Austin is not the best city and Texas is not the best team are invalid. “What A Time To Be Alive,” the “Legend" himself has blessed us. 6 God, we would like to “Thank [you] Now.” Austin will miss you, Drake — “Take Care.”

Emily Gibson: What Starts Here

The University of Texas at Austin is always a university. Sometimes, it’s a Facebook trending topic. But every once in awhile, similar to a blue moon or a leap year, it's two trending topics at once. This week, the moon and the Internet was burnt orange, baby. \m/

First, it was announced that The Longhorn FKA Bevo XVI retired following a cancer diagnosis.

FKA Bevo was a trending topic on Facebook in the days that followed. In fact, Facebook’s trending topics were cluttered with political news after Tuesday’s Democratic Debate, but Bevo remained a trend, even then. RIP Bevo.

Then, UT went viral again after the Campus (DILDO) Carry protest was created on Facebook and the hashtag #CocksNotGlocks went viral.

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