Movie Style Icons

Hollywood has influenced the style scene since the industry’s inception. From large movie productions like "Gone With the Wind," where characters’ wardrobes were carefully crafted, to the modernized "Romeo + Juliet," with characters whose wardrobes seem a bit more relaxed and off the cuff, a character’s style says a lot about who they are. Not everyone can have a wardrobe as polished as Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany’s," but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the stars while creating a signature style of our own.

Nikki — Chenault, The Rum Diary

Although "The Rum Diary" is set in the late 1950s, Chenault, a wild and carefree girl tied down by her engagement, has a classic style. Her clothes are usually simple — white dresses, rompers and a crop top and shorts — sets that generally have a pop of color associated with them (all of which I want in my own closet). Even her most stunning outfit in the movie, a short, bright red dress, is bare of decor aside from the bold color. I love her style because of its simplicity. It makes a statement about her personality without having to say much at all.

Steph — Penny Lane, Almost Famous

"Almost Famous" is every young aspiring music journalist’s dream, or nightmare, depending on who you are. The movie follows 15-year-old journalist William Miller as he reports on an up-and-coming rock band’s tour in 1973. The movie itself is visually stunning, but you’ll find yourself staring at the female lead’s outfits half of the time. Penny Lane, a “band aid” Miller meets on the tour, is effortlessly cool. Her wardrobe exudes that chic, hippie goddess look that celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens are still trying to emulate. There’s a reason fur jackets, loose crop tops, floral prints and natural looking makeup never go out of style.

Caitlin — Sloane, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Sloane wears only one outfit for the duration of the movie. It’s quirky, impossible to pull off in real life and needs to be in my closet right now. The white fringed jacket, awkward green shorts, tall boots and wayfarers look fresh no matter how many times you watch the film. Sloane runs around all of Chicago in this outfit, so you know it must be versatile and comfortable. But who could forget the pool scene? She wears a light blue negligee in the jacuzzi — très chic.

Mae — Amélie, Amélie

I really love the style of Audrey Tatou's quiet and shy character, Amélie. Amélie's outfits are not elaborate eye-catchers, but are strikingly beautiful in their simplicity. Though it may not be obvious at first because of the plainness of her clothes, Amélie tends to wear warm colors that draw attention to her face. Amelie's personality is wonderfully reflected in her clothing subtle but powerful.

Rachel — Marie, Daisies

"Daisies," or "Sedmikrásky," is a crazy Czechoslovakian film about two girls named Marie who decide to start being bad. The girls’ mischievous exploits, which include starting a food fight and swinging from a chandelier, are pulled off in adorably coordinated 1960s-styled outfits. Their gingham bathing suits, polka dot shift dresses and extra bold eyeliner looks are perfect for wreaking anarchist havoc around town with your best friend.

Angela — Elle, Legally Blonde

Elle Woods was definitely stylish throughout "Legally Blonde," even with the struggles of being in law school at Harvard. She wore her outfits with  fierceness and confidence while having a bright smile. Elle stands out from the rest with her brightly colored wardrobe packed with pink and heels. Elle taught us that a great outfit and a smile will help you feel confident even through the rough times. She also taught us to “bend and snap.”

Maddy — Ronnie, The Last Song

There’s nothing 16-year-old Maddy loved more than some baggy cotton shirts and too many bracelets. 20-year-old Maddy isn’t far from that same style, which was first melded into my brain by Miley Cyrus, or Ronnie, in "The Last Song." Her beach-grunge look screamed punk without resorting to black skinny jeans and faded concert tees. A look that struck a chord with my angsty and free-spirited teenage soul. Flowy, neutral-colored tees and bohemian jewelry coupled with beachy hair are things that still inspire my everyday look.

Nancy  — Zenon, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zetus Lupetus! In 1999 we were blessed with the Disney Channel original movie "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" and some stellar fashion inspiration. Between the neon spandex, platform shoes, metallic prints and killer vests, Zenon’s style was out of this world. She taught us how to accessorize and rock the top double bun look over a decade before Miley did. If Zenon didn’t make you run to your nearest Limited Too in search of an inflatable backpack, are you even a ‘90s kid?

Jenna — Sloan, Entourage

Emmanuelle Chiriqui, better known as Sloan from the movie "Entourage," has a very sleek and sophisticated style. Whether she's rocking a casual look with her hair in a loose pony tail or sporting a chic maxi dress, Sloan is always flawlessly dressed for any occasion. Sloan’s closet reflects her independence and her feisty personality makes her every guy’s dream girl.

Itohan — Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family  

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color," Wednesday Addams says. Arguably the most morbid member of the beloved family of monsters, Wednesday always keeps it simple in a little black dress and a pair of braided pigtails. As a minimalist, I admire her understated yet classic ensemble that coincides with her constant state of melancholy and distaste. Above all, I love the fact that Wednesday only ever wears her favorite color, black. Like here, I believe that black is the best color, no matter the occasion.

Callie — Baby, Dirty Dancing

Pushing my love for Patrick Swayze aside, I adore Baby's style in "Dirty Dancing." Texas is hot almost year round, so crop tops, bodysuits and high waisted denim are convenient style staples. Jennifer Grey as Baby wears a variety of neutrals, contributing to her effortless and classic look. And certainly, we cannot forget the iconic final scene in which Swayze rescues Baby from the corner (her beautiful pale pink dress is on point).