Fall Into your Autumn Skincare Routine

For some, October may mean pumpkin spice lattes and flannels. But for Austinites, summer is hardly over. Don’t be fooled by the rarechilly breezes. Regardless of whether it’s cold or hot outside, the sun is almost always out. Consider using these products to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy this fall.

By Nancy Hernandez

Rae Cosmetics’ Climate Control Mineral Tint

When it’s sunny outside, the last thing you want to deal with is layers and layers of product on your face. To avoid the caked-on look, opt for makeup that already contains SPF. An option is local Austin brand Rae Cosmetic’s Climate Control Mineral Tint — a water based foundation that also works as a non-chemical sunscreen and antioxidant moisturizer. Apply a dab of this long-lasting light foundation to get the natural look while also protecting your skin from harmful UV rays that beat down even when there’s a cool breeze.

Price: $42.00

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The Nudist Colorbalm by W3LL PEOPLE

Sticky lip gloss and breezy autumn days are not a good mix. With Nudist Colorbalm by Austin-based company W3LL PEOPLE, you can play up your lip game, keep your hair from sticking to your lips and prevent your lips from getting dry and chapped. Not only is this “love child of a lipstick and lip balm” an Austin product, but it's made with all-natural ingredients like organic omega oils and aloe. Aloe helps keep your lips hydrated and will protect them from the cool winds while you walk from class to class. This tinted lip balm comes in six different shades, each priced at $19.50, but if you’re not ready for that type of price commitment you can order a sample online for only $1.50.

Price: $19.50

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Milk + Honey Lip Polish

Get rid of damaged and dry skin on your lips with a lip scrub. Exfoliation will remove dead cells from your lips and make room for fresh layers. Opt for a lip scrub from a local company, like Milk + Honey’s lip polish. Their blood orange lemongrass ginger scrub will keep your lips soft and kissable for those cozy fall evenings.

Price: $12

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LUSH Aqua Marina Cleanser

Did the sun leave you with dry, irritated, peeling skin? No worries LUSH’s Aqua Marina cleanser penetrates deeper than the damaged top layer of your post-ACL skin. The calamine powder in this gentle scrub helps relieve irritation, redness and stinging. The aloe gel in this exfoliator rehydrates the skin to soothe your sunburn and relieve itching. After using this cleanser, you’ll be ready to fight the dryness that comes with cooler weather.  

Price: $12.95 - 31.95

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As the season changes, remember that just like your closet, your skincare routine needs to be updated. Whether it's 100 degrees or in the low 60s outside, make sure your beauty products meet your skin’s needs. Check out these products, and don’t let the cool weather stop you from having a dewy and radiant look.