Style Round Up: Favorite Pieces You Never Wear

From glamorous vintage finds to split-second sales rack decisions, we all have that one thing in our closet that we love, but just never wear. Whether you rarely have formal events to dress up for or it just doesn’t match the rest of your wardrobe it’s there, hiding in the back of your closet or the bottom of your jewelry box. The ORANGE style staff went digging to give these under-appreciated items the special love and attention they deserve, because we must have been keeping them around for a reason.


I thrifted this luxuriously long denim skirt last Summer without trying it on. That ended up being a big mistake! This skirt hugs my hips and cinches my waist in a flattering way, but it’s a funny length with a really long slit up the back. The awkward slit length severely restricts my leg motion and it's hard to walk in. I try to get the most out of the $8 I spent on this skirt, but as all UT students know, being on campus requires a lot of walking and I feel like I'm starring in Happy Feet when walking in this skirt.


I bought a blue skirt from Forever 21 thinking that I could wear it for any occasion since it’s able to be dressed up or down. I haven’t worn it since I bought it and now it's sitting there in my closet, because I don't even know when to wear it. It's a cute skirt, so hopefully I can find a way to wear it in the future.


I picked out this beautiful lace crop top thinking I would wear it all the time to emulate my inner Selena Quintanilla. I wore it twice and under a jean jacket. Calling it a crop top might be a bit generous — it’s short and more or less resembles a couple of bralettes I own, so I’ve never had the confidence to rock it on its own. I only look at it longingly every time I start to clean my closet (once every two months.) Maybe when I finally get my J.Lo abs, I’ll throw it on.


I love simplicity in the jewelry that I wear, especially in my rings. One of my favorites is a gold promise ring that belonged to my mother when she was my age. The ring itself follows a very classic design in which it’s shaped into an outline of a heart with a small diamond in the center. Unfortunately, I cannot wear the ring because my hands are much larger than hers, so I keep the ring in a tiny Chinese jewelry box for sentimental value. I’ve tried to wear it as a knuckle ring, but every time I put it on it slides off my finger!


My parents bought me these boots from Macy’s two years ago as a Christmas gift when I was a senior in high school. I barely wear them because they’re so impractical. They’re so tall and feel slightly clunky, so they’re not ideal  for walking across campus. They don’t really fit my current aesthetic either, but I keep them around because they’re so classic and well-made. Maybe I’ll wear them when I’m feeling nostalgic about high school or impersonating an equestrian.


My favorite article of clothing that doesn’t get worn enough is my long white maxi skirt. This piece is perfect for a night out to a classy dinner or even just for a casual get together with friends. The lightweight material makes the skirt a comfortable item to be worn in the hot summer days or even on a cool, breezy night. I love this skirt because it can be paired with almost any shirt, making it a unique and versatile piece of clothing. Since the skirt is white and made of a lighter material, it is only really appropriate to wear during the summer and late spring. When these seasons come around, you can definitely find me in this skirt.


I’m not sure if it was nostalgia alone or an attempt to revert back to 5-year-old me, but I decided to re-live one of my favorite childhood styles and bought a pair of jelly shoes last year. While browsing the selection at Buffalo Exchange for pieces to use in last spring’s Style Look Book from the digital issue, I stumbled upon these light red jellies. I was instantly drawn to the familiar rubber smell and bought them with complete disregard to the fact that I had nothing sensible to wear with them.


This kimono was bought from Urban Outfitters, my guilty pleasure store, when I was in tenth grade. I've probably only worn it once since then, but it still remains one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It's simple, adds a bit of bohemian flare with the fringe and has a pop of a color on the edges. I feel like it really fits the style I wish I had all the time, but I am sometimes too rushed, or lazy, to pull off in the morning.


I’m a sucker for dark colors and neutral tones, so it was no surprise that from the moment I saw this shirt, I needed it. Initially it was its nude color that attracted me, but it was also perfect for the upcoming festival season. Fast forward a couple of months. ACL came and went and I’m still waiting for my abs to happen. Aside from a bralette, I’m not quite sure what to wear underneath it. So until I figure out how to style this top into an everyday outfit, it’s just hanging in my closet.


I found this vintage lace dress in the pajama section of my favorite thrift store in San Antonio. It’s completely see-through and may or may not be a nightgown. I love the flowy, waistless silhouette and single button at the top, but it’s lace is pretty fancy and too fragile for my regular weekend outings. I think I’ll wear it on Halloween to dress up at Lydia Deetz from the movie Beetlejuice.