Best Songs from TV Shows

Television shows can be funny, dramatic, depressing – and, sometimes, musical. Musical breaks in TV shows can be thought provoking, gut wrenching or comedic, but they’re always memorable. Here a list of ORANGE Buzz's favorite musical moments in television shows.

Gaby Hernandez – "5000 Candles in the Wind,” Parks and Recreation

Losing a loved one is difficult, and sometimes the best way to express emotion is through song. When Li’l Sebastian died, the city of Pawnee fell into a state of mourning. This shetland pony held a special place in the hearts of all. Andy Dwyer wrote this particular song for his band Mouse Rat to perform at the memorial service for the iconic tiny horse. The lyrics talk about the paradise Li’l Sebastian is in even though he left the people of Pawnee. This song is touching for everyone, bringing a sense of peace in a sorrowful time. Li’l Sebastian, though he is gone, is up in horsey heaven looking down on everyone.

Emily Gibson – “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah,” 30 Rock

What’s better than boys becoming men? Men becoming wolves, perhaps? This spooky, scary song is a banger for Halloween parties, bar mitzvahs, Sunday mornings, you name it. The song didn’t play large role in the show (in fact, there was only a roughly 10-second clip of the song in the show, then a full version was released online later), but the set for the song’s schlocky music video took three days to build. In developing the song idea, the directors and producers wanted it to appear that Tracy Jordan, who performed the hit, wondered why there wasn’t any bar mitzvah songs, then wanted to rush and make one in time for bar mitzvah season. And if you needed another reason to love this song (which you don’t): Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, helped write and performed in the song, long before he was famous.

Zoya Zia – “The Name Game,” American Horror Story

In a creepy asylum filled with corruption and American horrors, a jukebox belts out a phenomenal tune. Sister Jude, also known as Judy, makes a rhyme out of anybody’s name with a catchy, consistent song. “The Name Game” invites all, from those in the asylum to those watching at home, to let out their rhyming prowess. This may require repeatedly watching the music video to ultimately get the rhyme scheme down. Maybe you can even catch some of Kit Walker’s dance moves or the musings of Pepper. The process is incredibly fun and light-hearted for a show that revolves around horror.