Falling Out of Summer: This Season's Must-Have Trends


It’s time to say goodbye to the Texas summer heat and welcome the cool temperatures and new fall styles. The revival of '70s-style flare sleeve shirts and suede miniskirts, as well as '90s inspired denim on denim are only a few of ORANGE’s favorite fall trends this year. Here are five pieces that will rock your autumn wardrobe. 

By Jenna Meltzer

Photos by Maddy Hill

Suede front-button mini skirts

This must-have skirt is causing  major waves in fashion right now, even making an appearance in the Abercrombie & Fitch fall collection. We’re bringing this ‘70s staple to 2015, with lengths and colors to match your taste. Try styling this trendy piece with a comfy tee, knee-high boots and a chic trench coat to complete the look.

Adidas Superstar shoes

Flip flop season has finally ended, which means that booties are moving in. But this year there is a new option for an everyday fall shoe. We are saying hello to the Adidas Superstar sneaker. This relaxed, comfortable shoe is the perfect go-to footwear to dress up or dress down for the fall. And with celeb endorsements from Jay-Z and Kanye West, who can resist? Wear these sneakers to class with boyfriend jeans and a long-sleeve tee, or wear them out to dinner with tights and a t-shirt dress.

Denim on denim: The American version of the Canadian Tuxedo

It’s a controversy that has perplexed every fashion expert —  is doubling up denim acceptable? This fall we are saying yes, as this trend makes a slow comeback in the fashion world. With many types of denim to choose from, denim on denim can be a versatile look to play around with. Try pairing ripped jeans with a denim button down shirt and booties for an Instagram-worthy look, or a denim front-button mini skirt with a white tee and denim jacket for a more classic look. For all of you Super Troopers movie fans, the Candian Tuxedo is back with an American spin.

Bell-sleeve tops

The flared style isn’t exclusive to pants. This fashion trend is being seen on shirts and dresses, with bell-sleeve tops making a particular statement. This style adds a feminine flair to any wardrobe and can be worn with any bottom, making it the perfect outfit for any occasion. Pair a bell-sleeved shirt with high-waisted jeans, or wear a bell-sleeved mini dress with tights and booties to create a fall look with a 70s twist.

Merlot everything

Merlot is being hailed as one of the top colors for fall in magazines like Austin Woman magazine, LadyLUX and Matchbook Magazine. Whether it's jewelry, colored jeans or beauty products like Revlon’s Perfumerie scented nail enamel, this color adds the perfect rich tone to any fall wardrobe. Try pairing a merlot blazer with a gray tee, a pair of black jeans and ankle boots for a casual, but chic everyday look.

Frasier Sterling chokers

The choker trend that crept up last fall is here to stay. Many designers are putting a more expensive twist on the original plastic black choker. Our favorite The Frasier Sterling choker necklace. From gemstones to charms, each choker necklace is unique and can add an edgy touch to any outfit.

As the weather changes, so must our style. Don’t lag behind on these fall trends.