ORANGE Music Roundup - Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Now that the Grammys are over, it's time to stop worrying about last year's music and focus on what's to come in 2015. If the last two months are an indicator of what's to come, then it should be a great year. We've already got our eyes set on a handful of upcoming releases.

Jenna: “Lovetap” — Smallpools

Smallpools popped up out of nowhere in May 2013 when they released their first single, “Dreaming,” on Soundcloud. The band gained momentum quickly, getting airplay on Sirius XM’s Alt Nation and touring the U.S. with bands like Grouplove and Neon Trees. They even headlined their first U.S. tour last fall. Not bad for one EP and a few singles. Their album has been in the works for a while, and is finally set to debut on March 24. If their snowballing success is any indicator of what’s to come, Smallpools is going to be a band to remember in 2015.

Britny: “Into the Wild Life” — Halestorm

I’ve been following Halestorm since 2009, and it’s been nearly three years since their last release, “The Strange Case Of…” So when they announced they would release their third album, “Into the Wild Life,” on April 7, I was stoked. I’m already loving the sleazy guitar riffs and delightfully tacky lyrics of the first single “Apocalyptic.” I can’t wait to see what the rest of the album has in store.

María: “How Big How Blue How Beautiful” — Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine have been mostly off the grid since the end of their last tour in 2013, but they’ll finally break the silence with the follow-up to their last album, “Ceremonials”. So far, we have the album cover, title of the first single and 2 music videos, creating a huge buzz. We can expect big sounds and, as always, a big voice from Florence Welch. The only thing left to do is wait, but knowing Florence, it’s going to be worth it.

Belicia: “English Graffiti” — The Vaccines

The Vaccines haven’t released anything since their late 2013 EP, “Melody Calling,” and have stayed kept up in the studio aside from a few select shows. After two years they’ve finally released a new single, “Handsome,” and I’m obsessed. They’ve kept their pop-punk vibe, but with some sugary coating, so we can assume this album will be filled with more dance tunes. They haven’t confirmed a release date yet, but hopefully they’ll preview some new songs at SXSW — or better, release the album before they visit Austin next month.

Paul: “Another Eternity” — Purity Ring
Canadian synth-pop duo, Purity Ring, captivated me with their arctic hip-hop beats and eccentric, creepy lyricism back in 2012 on their debut album, “Shrines.” Vocalist Megan James continues her somewhat macabre body imagery themes on the first single “Push Pull,” released at the end of 2014. The vocals are backed by Corin Roddick’s stellar production. “Begin Again,” a less disjointed tune, ushered in the new year, more reminiscent of their debut material. Another teaser followed as the group introduced “Repetition” during their BBC Radio 1 appearance on Feb. 4. Rather than a complete reinvention, the new singles showcase slight modifications to their signature sound. With “Another Eternity,” due for release on March 3 via British record label 4AD, Purity Ring will likely set the bar for their electronic contemporaries in the years to come.

Ellie: “Honeymoon” — Lana Del Rey

I have followed every single Lana Del Rey has produced since she popped up on my Pandora radio station nearly three years ago. She rose to fame in 2011, when she released her self-edited music video for her song “Video Games,” that was later on her debut album “Born to Die” released the summer of 2012. After the success of “Born to Die” and “Ultraviolence,” I am ready for some fresh sounds from LDR. I love her cinematic sound that emulates 1960s culture. Her new album, “Honeymoon,” will be released later this year, and Rey will also be headlining a tour this summer with Courtney Love. If you aren’t already on the LDR bandwagon 2015 may be the year you hop on board.