DIY Finger Knit Turban Headband

If you can give someone a high five, you can finger knit. All you need are your hands and some cute yarn to make this simple headband.

By Rachel Rascoe


- Chunky yarn of your choosing

- Scissors

- Your own five digits. For a skinnier headband, knit on just two or three fingers.

1. Start by holding the end of your yarn between your thumb and index finger. Weave the yarn behind your index finger, over your middle finger, behind your ring finger and over your pinkie.

2. Wrap the yarn around your pinkie and weave your way back, this time putting the yarn in front of your ring and index finger.

3 and 4. Weave the yarn to your pinkie and back to your index finger one more time so that each finger has two loops on it.

5. Pull the bottom loops on each finger up and over the top loops and behind your finger. It’ll now look like little knots.

6. From now on, your yarn will be coming out between your first and second fingers. Keep weaving it around and in front of your index finger, behind your middle finger, and so on until your have two loops each time.

7. Your knitting will begin to look like a rope. Keep knitting until you can fold your rope in half and stretch it all the way around your head. The rope needs to be twice the length of a normal headband for the turban twist.

8. When you’re done, cut the yarn and weave the tail end through each of your finger loops. Pull the loops off your fingers and pull the tail end to tighten.

9. When you have the right length for your headband, tie the strings on both ends together to make a loop. Twist it twice at the top of your head to make the turban knot.

You’re done. All without any needles. Experiment with different yarns and bond with your grandma while looking like a queen in your new handmade headband. Knit on!