How To Accesorize This Spring

February 16, 2015

By Faroha Khan

Photos by Madelein Hill

The weather is getting warmer, the squirrels are coming out and you find your focus shifting from midterms to what you’re going to wear this spring. You may not be able to control Texas’ unpredictable weather, but the following style trends are sure to make this season a fashionable one.


Chokers are back. Jeweled, metallic and fabric choker necklaces are popping up this spring. Get in touch with your edgier, ‘90s alter-ego, and make your neck look longer and more chic.

Negative Space Nails

Many nail experts may have already heard of this type of manicure, but for those who’ve been sticking to solid colors, negative space nails are the nails of the season. Modern and super chic, this nail art consists of patterns and colors alternating with unpainted nail underneath. Some call it the “cutout dress of the nail world.” The title of ‘negative space’ comes from the fact that parts of the nail go without polish. This manicure will keep your spring ensembles on point from head, to fingertips, to toes.

Lipstick featured above: Rebel by MAC

Lipstick featured above: Rebel by MAC

Plum Lipstick

Icons like Rihanna and Beyonce flaunt this lip color regularly. The color is subtle and not too dark, but simultaneously attention-grabbing. Don’t limit yourself to plum. Any rich, berry color can create this look. The best way to style this look is with a fresh face to contrast the striking plum lipstick.


Wide-brim hats may seem like they are a thing of the past, but they’re making a significant leap into the spring. As the weather heats up, hats are a fashionable way to get your vitamin C without consequence. The best part is that you can mix and match a hat with all your favorite outfits.

Casual hairstyles

Look like you simply woke up and walked out the door by rocking a loose braid, ponytail or bun. The effortless look never really goes out of style, but when the semester gets busy it's helpful to look stylish without breaking a sweat.