Whether you are trying to get into every free show, or wondering what place has the best/cheapest eats, ORANGE editors will be on top of all the SXSW happenings. Check out our editors’ twitters as we keep you posted on our best and worst SXSW shenanigans.

Co Editor-In-Chief Sarah Montgomery


While my better half will be vacationing off in San Francisco (I’ll miss you Kris!), I will probably be spending half of SXSW at a charging station trying to instagram and tweet my Kanye sightings — or better yet, North sightings. When I’m not photographing and filming music on behalf of KUTX, you can follow me as I hop around free hip-hop shows and see if my last minute fake ID will do its job.   

Co Managing Editor Selah Maya


I will be trying to attend free events all throughout spring break — especially ones that are non-musical. While others might be more enthralled with music and film, I will be focusing on finding networking opportunities and art shows.

Co Managing Editor Samantha Grasso 


I'll be covering melodramatic comedies and alt-girl bands as I sniff my way to free food and dranks. Follow me for entertainment reviews, judgy local "Austin was so much better when I moved here" tweets and shaky pixilated pics of the back of Ryan Gosling's head. I’ll be on the scene from Saturday to Saturday.

Asst. Buzz Editor Editor Lauren L’Amie


As per usual, I will be spending most of SXSW wandering the streets in search of free food and trying to talk my way into exclusive venues without a wristband. Follow me for free show live tweets, free food chronicles and most likely, sass.

Food and Drink Editor Kristen Hubby

Insta: @khubbster

Twitter: @K_Hubbs

This is my fourth year at SXSW, and I look forward to this week every year. When I say I am in love with SXSW, I mean it — like it's hard to breathe because I just get so excited. This is the most magical time of the year, so if you want to find out what’s going on around town follow me to get the scoop. By the end of the week, if I reach all my goals, I will have seen some of my favorite bands, have an absent voice, be hard of hearing and have an empty wallet. I may gain 10 pounds from all the free food, but I could also lose 10 pounds from all the dancing. Lets be real — it will all happen, but it's worth it and that's why I keep coming back.

Style Editor Dahlia Dandashi


Though this is my first year at SXSW, I’m determined to be everywhere and anywhere. I will be documenting all the best events with my partner-in-crime, Kristen, but I’m also out to get the best photos for the #SXSW hashtag stream. Follow me to get glimpses of the best dressed, the spur of the moment events, the artsy walls/graffiti, the mouth watering food and anything design related. Follow me, because you need to.



Asst. Music Editor Tess Cagle


Not only am I ORANGE’s assistant music editor, I am also a SXSW digital content intern who will be basically living downtown all week long. When I’m not blogging for SXSW, I’ll be covering everything from interactive and film panels, to concerts, to really good looking food that I can't afford.

Asst. Photo Editor Joshua Guerra


I am a source of pretty much everything SXSW. I will be tweeting and retweeting free food locations, free giveaways to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, artists I interview, celebrity sightings, how long lines are and surprise guests that show up at the showcases I attend. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be here all week.