Plant Holder DIYs

By Miranda Chiechi

If you're looking for a way to beat those rainy day blues and prepare for spring, these DIY plant holders can help brighten any room.

Hanging Mason Jars

What you need:

-A Mason jar

-An old magazine page or sheet of newspaper


-Hot glue gun

-Plant of choice

What you do:

1. Wrap the wire a couple times around the top of the jar. Put a drop of hot glue on the front and the back to secure it in place.

2. Use extra wire on the end to bend in a design on one side of the jar.

3. Attach more wire on the opposite side of the jar with hot glue and repeat the design.

4. Using the rest of your wire, bend it in a loop over the top of the jar so you can hang it up. Glue down the wire ends of the loop on the sides of the jar next to the swirl designs.

5. Line the inside of the jar with a ripped magazine page and drop in your spring flowers.


Plant Globes

What you need:

-Clear sphere (you can find these at a craft store like Hobby Lobby)


-Colorful string

-Plant of choice

What you do:

1. Take three long pieces of twine. Tie them together at the top and braid them. Knot the strands together at the end.

2. Wrap colorful string closely around the braided twine, tying the thread in a knot at the top and bottom of the section. Repeat for as many sections as you see fit.

3. Place the plants inside the clear sphere.Tie the end of the twine around the loop at the top of the sphere. It is now ready to hang from your ceiling.


Wood Plant Hanger

What you need:

-A piece of wood

-Ceramic or clay flower pot of choice


-Four 1” nails


-Plant of choice

What you do:

1. Cut four pieces of twine, approximately 2 1/2 feet each.

2. Double knot the ends of a piece of  twine around a nail. Hammer the nail into one of the  corners of a piece of wood. Repeat with the other three nails, placing one on each corner of the wood.

3. Place the plant into the pot, and the pot in the middle of the piece of wood.

Not your space is ready for spring. Maybe these cheery plant holders will help coax the sun out.