Remembering an Icon: Six Times Selena Took Our Breath Away

By Estephanie Gomez 

Before Beyoncé, Texas was reigned over by an equally fabulous and stylish queen. Selena Quintanilla-Peréz, known as the Queen of Tejano Pop, died at the young age of 23, long before her reign should have ended. Despite this abrupt departure from her kingdom, Selena left her mark on our hearts and in our closets.

Today, on the anniversary of her birthday, ORANGE celebrates Selena’s stylish legacy with six of the looks that helped secure her iconic status.

Selena made a bold red lip and bustiers her signature. Nearly all of her outfits had one or the other, and you won’t find anyone else who pulls off this look half as well. Take a leaf out of her book and copy the look — you’ll be sure to catch the eye of a certain chico del apartamento 512.

We’re always taking inspiration from the past, so it’s not surprising that this '90s style sleeveless top is making a comeback; just ask Forever 21. Selena wore it first and better with rhinestones.

While she was no stranger to showing some skin, Selena knew how to achieve the perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated on stage. Here, she paired a bright white bustier with high-waisted white pants making this look daring and fashionable. Young pop stars, take a seat and take some notes.

It’s no secret that the form-fitting jumpsuit/bodysuit has become a performance staple for many of today’s pop stars. Selena first fearlessly brought the jumpsuit into the spotlight when Beyoncé was still rocking overalls, and Miley Cyrus was just getting out of onesies. (Full disclosure, ORANGE loves Beyoncé, and we’re saddened that we will never have the chance to see a collaboration between the two Texas divas.)

Selena received love from a diverse fan-base because she appealed to everyone. She was a sweetheart and a rebel. Show us someone else who can look kind yet intimidating while pulling off an embellished leather jacket, and we’ll show you a liar.

Glamorous sequins never go out of style. Selena knew this when she wore a white head-to-toe embellished gown to the 1994 Grammy Awards where she became the first Tejano artist to win Best Mexican-American album. In true Texan form, Selena’s hair was almost as big as her voice and her heart that night.

Selena waving to all her fans, subjects, and copycats in her iconic sparkly jumpsuit.

Selena waving to all her fans, subjects, and copycats in her iconic sparkly jumpsuit.

Selena broke music and style barriers with courage and grace. Grab your tissues, order a pepperoni pizza, and pop in your old Selena VHS, because tonight, we’re dreaming of you, Selena.