Food Truck Feature: 40 North

Video by Kristen Hubby and Jonathan Gomez
Edited by Jonathan Gomez
Reporting by Ashley Lopez

Serving out of its food truck on South First Street, 40 North is quickly becoming known for its Neapolitan-style pies, each baked in a wood-fired oven.

Clint and Pearl Elmore opened the food truck in December of 2014 after moving down from Brooklyn, New York with a vision to serve Austin authentic pizza with only the freshest ingredients. The husband and wife duo work as a team, with Clint as the head in the kitchen and Pearl managing marketing, design and baking for their number one customer — their son Luca. 

After spending time in Italy, Elmore learned proper pizza-making technique. He serves up a perfect pizza in 90 seconds so as not to leave any customer hungry and waiting. Some of the pies on the menu include the traditional margherita with basil and mozzarella and a Hot Honey pie with Hot Coppa, ricotta and a chili-infused Mike’s Hot Honey.

Take caution if you decide to grab a slice at 40 North — you'll be hooked.

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