The Relics from Record Store Day

Hours before dawn on Saturday morning, music junkies camped outside Waterloo Records, eager to make a killing at Record Store Day. This holiday brought crowds of all ages in pursuit of all types of music. Artists debuted new treasures on vinyl for the first time, record labels crammed hits from multiple bands into single albums and some older bands re-released their music on remastered albums or colored disks. Store traffic never slowed as people grabbed everything from classics to new releases. Record Store Day is over, but music lovers across the country are now enjoying their new prizes at home as they wait for next year.

By Belicia Luevano 

Who: Billy Slater

What he bought: Ride — “The Best of the Ride”

What he said: “At that time, they were at the forefront of the shoegaze music, and I’m a big fan of it. They’ve influenced a ton of bands from The Charlatans, Oasis there are so many bands they’ve influenced. This is a great album and has one of my favorite songs in here.”

Who: Taylor

What she bought: Grouplove, Big Data, Mumford & Sons and Young The Giant

What she said: “I saw Grouplove when they came to Austin last year in April, and that’s when I started to like them. They’re really energetic and fun.”

Who: Mike Smith

What he bought: The Righteous Brothers — “Standards”

What he said: “We’re immersing ourselves in the music. My mom used to listen to The Righteous Brothers as a kid, so it reminds me of growing up. It takes me back.”

Who: Kurt Lorenson

What he bought: Joan Jett and the Blackheart — “Flashback”

What he said: “It’s got a lot of great bits from her, even going back to the band she was in before. Just a lot of classic rock here that I wanted to enjoy again. I used to have one of her albums as a young lad and wanted to revisit that time.”

Who: Rob

What he bought: The Heartbreakers — “Live At Max’s Kansas City Volumes 1 & 2”

What he said: “I’m from Canada, down here on vacation for Lone Star Roundup and stopped by for record store day. Bought Heartbreakers, they’re New York punk rock from back in the day. It’s just been re-released. I have all the originals but they reissued them on colored vinyl which is kind of a cool thing.”

Who: Brian

What he bought: Steve Earle and Robert Johnson — “Terraplane Blues”

What he said: “It’s a double single. I saw Steve Earle last night at Gruene Hall, and he was playing songs from his new album 'Terraplane,' which is a blues album. Robert Johnson recorded 'Terraplane Blues' back in the ‘30s, and Steve Earle has done a version of the same song and released it on the A-side of this single, and the original Robert Johnson recording is on the other side, which makes it pretty special. You can’t get it in Australia, which is where I’m from.”

Who: Patty and Molly

What they bought: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett — “Cheek to Cheek”

What they said: “I got it because I realized I didn’t have it yet. I think everyone needs to have this. She has an amazing voice and he’s a legend, so it needed to be added to the collection.”  

Who: Daniel

What he bought: Sun Records — “Volume 2”

What he said: “It’s a collection from Sun Records from early recordings, it’s historical. They only print 4,000 copies, and it’s a cool chance to grab a piece of history.”

Who: Luis

What he bought: The Mighty Mighty BossTones — “Question the Answers” and Frank Sinatra — “Songs for Young Lovers”

What he said: “I bought some records that I have emotional sentiment to, like Sinatra and The Mighty Mighty BossTones — takes me back to good times. I love the music and love supporting local record stores like Waterloo.”

Who: Mark

What he bought: Run The Jewels — “Record Store Day 12” and Happy Mondays — “Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches”

What he said: “My musical taste varies. I like Brit rock, ‘80s, ‘90s, new wave and hip-hop. I’m all over the place.”

Who: Rick

What he bought: Sly and the Family Stone — “Live at the Fillmore East” and The White Stripes — “Get Behind Me Satan”

What he said: “These are my two favorite bands. Jack White is always doing something revolutionary with vinyl. Sly goes back to my ‘60s roots, and Jack White brought back vinyl and he’s keeping it alive still with all the things he does. Look at this cover: he’s always doing gimmicks with his records, keeps it appealing.”

Who: Chad Schwitake

What he bought: Jurassic 5 - “The Woodbox Quality Control Deluxe”

What he said: “Just look at it, it’s this awesome heavy wood box. It’s instrumentals and the full record, four sides of vinyl for 65 bucks, can’t beat it.”