Waka Flocka Flame for President

By Catherine Alvarado 

Just over a month after unlikely duo Xavier Rotnofsky and Rohit Mandalapu won the campus election for UT Student Government President and VP, rapper Waka Flocka Flame (of “Hard N’ Da Paint” and “Bustin’ At ‘Em” fame) has announced his own plans to run for president.

Flocka, 28, tweeted back in November 2012 that he was “dead ass running for president in 2016,” and as his announcement video, released on Monday (also known as 4/20), made clear — he’s in it to win it.

If Waka’s campaign follows the same trajectory as RotMan’s, we’re predicting another successful — and hilarious — win.

Four similarities point toward success:

1. No One’s Taking Him Seriously

Rotnofsky-Mandalapu’s campaign sprang from satirical roots, and, at least at the beginning, seemed likely to fail. At most, students were expecting the pair to make a mockery of SG, and then gracefully lose to more commercially popular candidates.

Flocka’s campaign mimics the same humble beginnings – it’s safe to say that when you release a campaign announcement video on the same day as National Weed Day, you’re not likely to be seen as a true contender.

2. He’s Not Taking Himself Seriously

It can be hard to put your faith in a candidate who doesn’t mean business. Rotnofsky-Mandalapu’s crowning campaign platforms were cellophane suits for all SG members, a Chili’s on campus, and the removal of UT Systems President Bill Powers.

Wacka Flacka’s are similar, seeming to be just as laughable and off-the-cuff. His first order of business would be the legalization of marijuana nation-wide. (Who didn’t see that coming?)

He has also spoken out about dogs being brought to restaurants, and is an advocate for banning pedestrians with large feet.

3. Both Are Backed by Print Media

RotMan had the Texas Travesty backing them up, and Waka apparently has Rolling Stone’s endorsement. Both candidates had/have all of their campaign videos shot and edited by their respective publications.

4. Both Are Using Social Media to Reach the Youth

Rotnofsky-Mandalapu utilized popular social media platforms like Facebook, Tindr and Grindr to reach out to voters, and even managed to briefly popularize the hashtag #Lunchablegate on Twitter.

Wacka Flocka has been actively promoting his campaign on his official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The hashtags #WakaForPresident and #WakaForAmerica have already begun trending.

We’re seeing the signs, y’all. If Waka Flocka can harness his social media presence and engage the public with his colorful platform points — well, the data speaks for itself. We’re just waiting for Ted Cruz to accuse Mr. Flocka Flame of stealing money to buy Lunchables.

Satirical elections have taken the Texas Tower and they’re on their way to the Oval Office. What starts here…?