I Got it From My Momma

We may grow up saying we want to be nothing like our mothers, but we would be lying if we said we weren’t the least bit thankful for their beauty advice. This mother’s day, the ORANGE style staff compiled a list of the best things learned from the greatest style advisors we could ask for: our mothers.  

Angela Bonilla - Vicks cures everything

My mom is the stereotypical Puerto Rican mother, always finding odd uses for everyday household items like Vick’s Vapor Rub. The best advice my mom gave me growing up is that Vick’s cures everything, even if you aren’t sick. Whether you are trying to clear up a pimple by putting Vick’s on it before you go to bed or applying it to your eyelashes to help moisturize and lengthen them, she always recommends keeping Vick’s in your bathroom closet.

Callie Parish - Floss! Your teeth accentuate your smile

As a girl, I adored my mother’s smile. With her Italian roots, dimples and a smile that lit every corner in the room, I wanted to be just like her. Although I wasn’t genetically blessed with her dimples and smile, my mom always advised me to floss. She insisted that flossing your teeth makes you feel clean and look great, and that if you don’t floss, you’re more prone to gum disease and other problems. Worried the Tooth Fairy would forsake me, I developed the lifelong habit of flossing on a regular basis.

Dahlia Dandashi - Don’t ever make yourself look too tan

When I was 17, I went on a cruise with my mother, sister and cousins. The whole time, my crazy, pale mother sat like a hermit in the shade with a book. “The skin is too precious to tan and ruin,” she said without giving me a glance. “Looking orange isn’t classy.” Since that day, I’ve made sure to never bake to a crisp, but instead make sure to decorate my cheeks with a hint of pink blush instead. Remember — It’s better to look sun-kissed rather than look like the actual sun.

Estephanie Gomez - Always start your day with a glass of water! Your body will love you for it

My wonderfully quirky mother is a firm believer in the natural and powerful healing powers of H2O. In her eyes it is pure, liquid magic and her favorite solution to most problems. Feeling nauseous? Drink some water. Got a zit? Drink some water. Feeling anxious? Drink some water. Got some tummy troubles? Drink a lot of water. If you are having a bad day just breathe in and breathe out. Be grateful for the chance for a better tomorrow, another sunrise and have another glass of water.  

Maddy Hill - Makeup is meant to highlight your best features, not cover up your worst

My naturally beautiful mother rarely taints her face with makeup minus the few coats of mascara she puts on before work in the morning. Growing up I never understood why I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until the eighth grade, but in retrospect I’m glad I don’t have any embarrassing middle school photos in which I look like a bad RuPaul. My mom taught me that instead of caking on layers of foundation, some well-applied mascara and neutral eyeshadow would do the job and make my eyes pop.

Hannah Shih - Some clothes are worth the investment.

Stumbling around in leather pumps five sizes too big, my fascination with my mother’s wardrobe began when I was four years old and never ended. The clothing I remember her wearing throughout my childhood and into my adulthood were investments that passed the test of time. Shopping with my mom was tedious. She wasn’t interested in what everyone else was wearing or the price tag. The clothing she allowed me to purchase were versatile pieces made of quality fabric, saying the true price of any item is based on the number of times it is worn. Thanks to my mom, every time I shop now I find myself asking how many times I will wear a piece and what I can wear it with.

Miranda Chiechi- Wear what makes you happy

The first step to being confident and comfortable in your own skin is to wear what makes you happy. My mom always encouraged me to be myself and not care what others think. Growing up in California, my mom has a very free-spirited and casual fashion sense that has had a heavy influence on my style. I feel most comfortable in flowy shirts or oversized concert tees. These pieces never fail to make me happy, and as Audrey Hepburn once said, “Happy girls are the prettiest.”

Nancy Hernandez - Chest out, butt out, stomach in

My mom has always been the most confident and put together I know. I, on the other hand, am usually slouching and scrambling all over the place to get things done. As a child, she started correcting my posture by saying “chest out, butt out, stomach in.” This was her way of reminding me to carry myself with the same confidence she gracefully exhibits. There is no quality more unattractive than lack of confidence, and nothing gives away your lack of self-esteem  quite like having bad posture. To this day, even though we are miles apart, whenever I find myself unsure and slouching, I remember those six words.