What Your Favorite Austin Donut Says About You

Story by Jenna Meltzer
Photos by Alejandra Martinez 

There ain't nothin' better than a hot, fresh donut, and Austin sure knows how to make 'em. But are you a classy donut-er or a risk-taking kind of eater? From donut tacos at Donut Taco Palace to the ingenious cronut at La Patisserie, here's what your favorite Austin donut says about you: 

Donut Taco from Donut Taco Palace: True Texan
Everybody knows that tacos are a staple Texas food, but a donut taco? Taking dessert and dinner to a whole new level, this savory pastry contains all the goodness of your choice of taco tucked between flaky donut bread. Only a true Texan can handle the delicious.

Mother Clucker from Gourdough’s: Risk-taker
Do you always have the drive to do something crazier than all of your friends? Well, a piece of fried chicken with honey butter on a donut is just about as adventurous as eating can get. If you are that person who loves trying new things no matter how wacky they may be, then the Mother Clucker is your ideal donut.

Homemade daily doughnut from Perla’s Seafood and Oyster Bar: Classy
For those of you who like to keep it classy while devouring deep-fried goodness, Perla’s homemade daily doughnut is the pastry for you. Each day, the restaurant offers one signature flavor, served fresh, and the upscale atmosphere of Perla’s restaurant makes your doughnut experience even more fanciful.

Blueberry donut holes from Ken’s Donuts: Health-nut
All exercise-junkies know that replenishing after a long workout is important for the body. A donut may not be the healthiest option, but you have to let yourself live a little. To satisfy your sweet tooth, a blueberry donut hole from Ken’s Donuts is the perfect treat. Blueberries are full of antioxidants, so if anyone asks, you’re getting nutrients from the fruit.

Cronut from La Patisserie: Creative
Inspired by the innovative Chef Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery, this croissant-doughnut mixed pastry will tickle the tastebuds of creative types. With some luck, the cronut from La Patisserie will get your juices flowing and encourage you to create something as unique as Chef Ansel’s yummy hybrid dessert.