5 Reasons You Shouldn't Apply for ORANGE Magazine

ORANGE Magazine general staff applications are open, but if you think you want to be on a team of dozens of talented writers, photographers and designers, think again. Here are five reasons you definitely shouldn't apply to be on the ORANGE spring 2016 staff. 

By Emily Gibson

5. The experience isn’t worth it.

ORANGE Magazine accepts applications from people who have never written a word in their life (though that is unlikely since it only accepts applications from UT students, but the point still stands.) But who cares about experience, learning and growing as a writer? Who cares about developing your writing skills alongside a team of editors and writers who want to help you? The real world loves people with no idea how to form coherent sentences being thrust into the workforce!

4. Writing about your passions? Who needs that?

Sure, ORANGE provides opportunities to write about whatever you’re interested in, from food to clothes, music to sports, or even Internet trends. But who would want to do that, anyway? Why would you want to write about a local band and then share it with other music lovers? Why would you want to interview a local clothing store owner and learn more about their work in the fashion industry? Getting an opportunity to explore your passions and share that with the world is lame.

3. It’s definitely not fun to see your name published in a magazine.

That rush you get when you see a piece that you worked hard on published with your name in the byline? Overrated. The same feeling can be accomplished by going on a rollercoaster or probably skydiving! There’s no reason to waste your time writing about what you love for the dumb satisfaction of seeing your name published in a widely read magazine.

2. Who cares about what’s going on around Austin and The Forty Acres?

If something is certain, it’s that the most crucial Longhorn experience is going to class then going back home and never leaving your bed or immersing yourself in your community. And since ORANGE inspires connections between the staff and encourages staff members to go out and find Austin events to report on and interesting people around the city to interview, it isn’t conducive to the most crucial experience. It isn’t fun to go learn more about the city and campus.

1.    Being part of a family is lame, anyway.

Who wants to be part of the dedicated group of staffers who are all working to make ORANGE the best it can be?  Pfft. Lame.

If for whatever reason this list did not deter you from making the worst mistake of your life, you can apply to be on the ORANGE staff at orangemagazine.co/apply.