Shades of Fall: Top Lipstick Colors for the Season

As leaves begin changing colors, so do the beauty trends that define makeup. Bright shades are replaced with warmer, darker tones. With so many lipstick colors to choose from, the challenge is finding one that compliments your skin tone.

Story by Alexis Green

ORANGE has compiled a list of high-end and affordable lipsticks in fall colors suitable for all skin tones. 



This vampy shade is the less dramatic fall cousin to the bold reds that shaped the summer. Kat Von D’s “Vampira” ($21) amazingly captures this hue, but Wet N Wild offers a cheap alternative with the matte “Cherry Bomb” ($2.19). 



With the resurgence of grunge, brown lipstick has returned in full force along with other 90’s trends. Kylie Cosmetics’ “True Brown” ($29) is the ideal throwback shade of brown, but its price and availability make it difficult to obtain. Luckily, Colourpop’s “Limbo” ($6) is almost an exact replica and is always available on their website.



A nude lip is the best way to accentuate natural features, but not all nudes are created equal. The Too Faced Melted Matte collection ($21 each) provides a variety of nudes that are suitable for everyone. The NYX Lingerie line ($7 each) also offers the perfect range of natural colors for all skin types. Whether you want a more pink or brown shade, NYX Lingerie has you covered.



If you’re too scared to rock a black lip, this color is the perfect alternative and ensures that you still make a bold statement. “Cyber” by MAC ($16) is an edgy hue guaranteed to make any outfit pop. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper version, Rimmel Kate Moss 004 ($2.59) will provide the same effect.


Finding the right lipstick shades for fall can be difficult and costly. However, these products offer the perfect shades for all skin tones without completely emptying your pocket.