Trend Watching: Metallic Shoes

    A final round of heat is upon the month of October, with 60 degree temperatures in the early morning hours of Austin. However, the unanticipated 30 degree increase, accompanied by the sun beating on the pavement at noon, tells us to keep our velvet leggings stored in our closets for just a few more weeks. One may find themselves struggling to put together outfits during this time of year, especially when clothing stores and boutiques only offer a vast selection of sweaters and scarves in this summer-like weather. In a relentless effort to blend fall fashion with the excruciating heat, there is a fabric that makes sense: metallic faux leather.

Story by: Brooke Lynn Decker

    While the proposal of this look may automatically draw memories of parents in disco-esque boots in black and white polaroids from the ‘70s, don’t let this alarm you. Clunky platforms and multi-colored metallic straps have been  amplified to make this new trend one of fall’s hottest new footwear collections. In particular, soft platforms have recently gained popularity in the streetwear scene amongst style queens who are gutsy enough to rock them. On the other hand, metallic shoes, must be appealing to the creative eye when consisting of one solid color of either silver, gold, baby blue or rose gold. The majority of old trends recycled back into streetwear chic can be modernized to fit any contemporary taste, which is why metallic faux leather footwear is making a comeback.

    Although dark colored ensembles tend to take over as the leaves change, it is still essential to curate pops of color into a fall wardrobe. While alternating from strappy sandal to ankle boot weather, metallic faux leather looks flawless in both styles. Whether pairing blue metallic mules with a shift dress, or silver ankle boots to compliment a favorite faux fur jacket, it is still possible to achieve an iconic look during shifting temperatures. Luckily, many retailers are offering a vast collection of metallic essentials that fall fashion connoisseurs are selecting for their closets this season. Therefore, marking faux leather metallics to the top of the list for a future shopping trip is an absolute must!