How to Make the Most of Your Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are one of those accessories that just seem to embody classiness, no matter how or  where you wear them. Nevertheless, when perfecting your style, it is important to know what to wear with different types of dress shoes.

Story by Ibrahim Tanis

From the Balmoral to the dress boot, here are some tips on how to rock your dress shoes for any occasion.


The Balmoral:


Otherwise known as the classic oxford dress shoe, these shoes are mostly worn with a suit, but can be worn with casual attire by pairing dress pants with an untucked dress shirt and rolled up sleeves. Ideally, the hem of the dress trousers should just cover the topline of the shoe, which is the area surrounding the foot. This allows the shoe to remain conspicuous under the hem of the trousers.






The Monk Strap:


This shoe requires a little more elegance and sophistication based on its structure. These shoes work best with slacks that cover the top of the shoe, but a slim fitting pant will also work well. For a finishing touch, pair with a tucked-in dress shirt.









Casual Loafers:  


Loafers offer a relaxed style, eliminating the need for more formal attire. Try wearing them with a pair of slimline joggers. Joggers allow for comfort, while offering a versatile, put-together look.  Pair the joggers with a classic untucked dress shirt underneath a fitted sweater. The untucked dress shirt peeking from under the sweater adds the missing nonchalance to the style.











The Dress Boot:



Wear this shoe with slim-fit trousers that settle casually over  the hem of the shoe. With this look, you can wear a casual tee, paired with a jacket or hoodie for maximum comfort. The versatile dress boot is also easily concealed  under dress pants, so if you wish to wear it say with a suit, it’ll give off the look of a regular oxford.