Thanksgiving Travel Essentials

Holiday season is on its way. The approaching vacation time includes a change in weather, a break from studies and a trip back to your hometown. 

Story by Samantha Favela

Traveling can often be a hassle, especially when it comes to airport security and uncomfortable flights. However, there are several ways to remain comfortable and chic while traveling this holiday season. All you need are the following travel essentials.


Loose Sweater

Comfiness is always a priority when traveling. To find the perfect balance between comfort and style, opt for a loose sweater to stay chic while still being prepared to tote around your suitcases


Stylish Sweatshirt

Similar to a loose sweater, a stylish sweatshirt with embroidery, patches or jewels is a great way to make a flight, no matter the length, a little more comfortable. The added details take any jet-setter’s outfit to the next level without additional stress from traveling.


Oversized Scarf

This essential travel accessory functions as a double agent. Besides the glamorous look it provides, the oversized scarf can also be used as a small blanket to keep warm when airplane temperatures drop from high altitudes.


Relaxed Jeans

Airplane seats are notoriously restrictive, so don’t make the situation worse by wearing uncomfortable pants. Relaxed jeans are a go-to alternative to lessen the claustrophobic feel of crowded airplanes. The stretch and carefree fit allows for more movement and a more comfortable trip.


Slip-On Booties

Airport security is the most difficult aspect of the flying process. Tennis shoes and lace up flats make the security process much more difficult. Instead, opt for a pair of slip-on booties so that you can breeze through security and get to your terminal with time to spare.


You never know who or what you will encounter in an airport, but with these stylish travel essentials, those en-route regrets can be kept to a minimum.