The Best and Worst Things About Being Home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s a time for celebration, as well as a well-deserved break from school. Many of us use this time to go back home. Maybe you’re looking forward to it, dreading it, or just thinking about how much home-cooked food you can devour before going back to school. Whatever it is, we can relate, so here’s a list of the best and worst things about being home at Thanksgiving.

Story by Alex Puente


The Worst

Last Minute Shopping

Some are fortunate enough to come home to a fully stocked kitchen,others, not so much. You might be one of the unlucky ones who gets dragged to the grocery store, having to cover your face in shame as your mom argues with a stranger to get the last available turkey.

That One Relative

We all know the one (or, in some cases, several). Your uncle might have vastly different political views, or your aunt might like to stir up gossip for the fun of it. You have to decide whether or not you should bite your tongue in order to keep the peace, but either way your relatives know how to make the dinner table interesting.

Question Overload

“How are your grades?” “Did you pick a major yet?” “Why haven’t you found a boyfriend already?” We’ve heard it all before. The solution? Create an infographic of your accomplishments and goals and hand it out to your entire family to avoid an interrogation. If you’d rather not put in the effort, having a mouth full of pumpkin pie is always a good way to avoid talking.


The Best

Home Cooked Food

It’s always great to take a break from fast food and dining halls with turkey, mashed potatoes, bread, gravy and stuffing. Nothing is better than a home cooked meal and a long nap afterwards.

Reuniting With Your Pets

Unfortunately many of us have to leave our beloved pets behind when we leave for college. Take this opportunity to snuggle with your cats and dogs. They missed you as much as you missed them!

Quality Family Time

At the end of the day, no matter who you consider family, it’s nice to spend time with those you care about. Give a hug to your parents, siblings, cousins, close friends, pets and anyone else you’ve been missing recently. Unwind, eat, and enjoy your break!