The Perfect Candle for Every School Assignment

Although we’re only halfway through, this semester has been long and hard - and Thanksgiving Break is almost a month away! Motivation is as elusive as ever. However, the stress of the fall semester can easily be combated by a little aromatherapy. That’s right, you guessed it: candles.

To help you #staystrong and slay the last few weeks of school, we’ve paired the perfect candle scent to get you through every tedious school assignment.

Story by Aiden Park

Illustrations by Alex Guillen


Writing a research paper

Freaking out about the ten-page paper you haven’t started writing? The worst thing you can do is panic. Try Capri Blue’s “Volcano,” found at Anthropologie. This candle soothes a room with its sweet and citrus mix, pushing you to reach for those seemingly impossible word minimums in no time.


The group project

Need to spruce up a room before your group comes over? Evoke a sense of sunshine with Yankee Candle’s subtle “Lemon Lavender” on a side table. If you’re worried you won’t have anything to talk about with your group, nothing says “conversation starter” like this delicious scent. If your group members turn passive aggressive, at least you can count on this candle’s constant sweetness.


Math homework


Need a small vacation to escape the seemingly never-ending math homework awaiting you at home? Try White Barn’s “Bergamot Waters.” This candle will leave a room swirling with bergamot oranges and sandalwood, transporting you to a beachside state-of-mind when you need it most.


Memorizing vocabulary terms

Bored of never-ending flashcards and Quizlet sets? Try Yummi Candle’s “Baked Spice.” This mixture of cinnamon and maple syrup will inspire anyone to finish the fall semester on a high note, as it evokes images of swirling autumn leaves and Thanksgiving feasts.


Cramming for finals

The key to acing your finals? Try Aromatherapy’s “Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief.” The fresh eucalyptus promotes mental clarity while the spearmint enhances concentration. With final exams lurking around the corner, we recommend picking up one of these bad boys at Bath & Body Works stat. Take a deep breath and melt away with it.


When school is overwhelming and you feel homesick

Missing those blissfully naive days of youth? Try Yankee Candle’s “Simply Home.” Rejuvenate your room with this scent that conjures images of crisp linens (nothing says home like the smell of fresh laundry). Put on some Norah Jones, light this nostalgic candle and call it a night.

Note: pairs well with a cuddly blanket.