Trump & Tiaras

The 2016 election season changed the game in terms of elections and presidential candidates. Republican nominee Donald Trump demonstrated that you can do anything even while running for a chance in the White House.

Story by Angela Bonilla

Illustrations by Rena Li

On the campaign trail, Trump and his family along with Mike Pence have shown their grace and talent like the young hopefuls in TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras.” With great hair, style and unforgettable speeches, they deserve their own pageant awards.


Donald Trump - Grand Supreme

Donald Trump has the grace, poise and personality for this top title. Not only will he look great with the “huge” crown on his amazing hair, but he will also make it rain with money.


Melania Trump - Queen

Mrs. Trump wins Queen due to her poignant speeches and defense of her husband whenever there is backlash. She shows off her style and pose while on the campaign trail.


Ivanka Trump - Princess

Ivanka Trump has been the poster-child for her father’s campaign and continuously makes public appearances with her dad. Her presence gives a powerful indication on the type of man her father is.


Trump Jr. - Mr. Congeniality Award

Trump Jr. wins the Mr. Congeniality award because of his friendliness to the public. He remembered to say “thank you” to the people who came out to rallies and even helped a woman with her car. Trump Jr. is always engaging with supporters, especially through the world of Twitter.


Tiffany Trump - Best Spoken Award

The youngest Trump daughter wins the award because we haven’t heard from her since the Republican Convention. Tiffany has been studying for the LSATs for law school. Maybe in the future she’ll become Elle Woods in real-life.


Mike Pence - Role Model award

The Vice President Nominee wins the role model award for his inspiring messages to supporters on the campaign trail. He is not afraid to share his beliefs and describe what he will bring to the White House as the VP, even if he does not always see eye-to-eye with his running mate.