West Campus Bar Causes Controversy With Marquee

Story By Emma Whalen

Many students at the University of Texas at Austin are not impressed with popular West Campus bar Cain and Abel’s latest promotion on its marquee. For most of Thursday it read, “Texas Teas are your Wingman.” Later that evening, the sign was changed to “We Love Texas Teas.”

Located on the corner of Rio Grande and 24th streets, Cain and Abel’s has been a West Campus establishment since 1991. The bar received backlash from people on social media, who condemned the sign for promoting the prevalence of rape culture on college campuses. “It’s a little offensive,” advertising junior Clara Patt says. “Knowing that it’s in West Campus where that kind of stuff happens so much at parties, I don’t like it.”

A report released earlier this year by The American Association of Universities compiled interviews from 6,600  undergraduate students at The University of Texas at Austin. The report found that about 15 percent of students think sexual misconduct is  “very likely” or “extremely likely” to happen off campus, compared to seven  percent of students who believe it is “very likely” or “extremely likely” to happen on campus.

Cain and Abel’s manager Alexis D., who declined to give her last name, says any offense caused by the sign was unintentional. “We’re a 90 percent female staff. I’m the only manager and I am a female,” Alexis says. “Our kitchen manager is female, the only males that we have are our door guys. Our hosts, who are in charge of putting up the marquee, are going to do a better job taking extra precaution from now on just to make sure it can’t be misconstrued in any way. We don’t want to offend anyone.”