Broadway Shows and Musicals that Define Our Style

While the musical ”Hamilton” is having a moment in the theater scene, it’s the show’s beautiful and intricately designed costumes that caught our attention, and inspired us to list our favorite shows and musicals that capture our styles.


ORANGE Style staff in general — "CATS"

Because we’re all a little frisky.


Nikki — "Beauty and the Beast"

“Beauty and the Beast” is a tale as old as time, but it’s the costumes that are absolutely stunning. Since the enchanted characters are still human and turning into the household objects, the costumes resemble their personalities rather than just a clock or a teapot. My style mirrors Belle's, which is tailored to her adventurous and independent personality with exquisite details and bright colors that make the stage come to life.


Estephanie — "Phantom of the Opera"

I’m either hiding from everyone behind messy hair and glasses that cover half of my face like the Phantom of the Opera himself, or I’m sociable and rocking a put-together look like Christine, makeup and all. There is usually no in between.


Jenna — "Rent"

The broadway musical that exudes my style is “Rent.” The musical takes place over the fall/winter seasons in the ‘90s, placing the characters in layers upon fashionable layers. There is also a ‘70s bohemian touch in the ensembles, which resonates with my adoration for vintage style.


Jasmine — "Wicked"

This musical shows the range of my style depending on my mood. When I want to feel super girly, cute and put-together, I embody Glinda the Good. On the other hand, when I just don’t care, the monochromatic all-black look that the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba, sticks to is my uniform.

Hannah — "Chicago"

With the most fabulous villains in town and all the razzle-dazzle of the roaring ‘20s and show business, “Chicago” may have been set in the Prohibition-era, but the characters are anything but restrained with their style choices. “Chicago” boasts villains of the most stylish caliber decked out in jewel-dripping glamour from swishy, tiered frocks to slinky, sequin slips and white fur coats. The murderous ladies of Cook County jail have killer taste, and “Chicago” features the dark and dangerous wardrobe of my dreams.


Ethan — "Chicago"

I'm always getting into trouble, but I can clean up nicely in a 1920s inspired tuxedo!


Rachana — "Cabaret"

I really love the female-centered plot of “Cabaret.” The black-and-red aesthetic is classic and sexy.


Natalie — "Hair"

Though it would be much funnier if I said I dressed like a cast member from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, the truth is that I style myself more like the free-spirit hippies of “Hair.” Their flowy tops, statement jewelry and wild patterns would feel right at home in my closet full of odd pieces collected from thrift stores.


Itohan — "Mamma Mia"

This musical, set in beautiful Greece, has a timeless ambiance in its song selection and its style. Every character is dressed in my ideal vacation attire whether it is straw fedora hats, flowing maxi skirts or worn-denim overalls. Although I might be a city girl, if you “gimme gimme” a chance, I’d always be in beach-inspired clothing.


Sydney — "My Fair Lady"

Just as Eliza Doolittle undergoes a drastic change throughout the musical, so has my style, but sadly without the influence (or bank account) of a Henry Higgins, her guide. I’ve gone through the Limited Too phase we all want to forget, the Tumblr phase, and the “look how many colors I can fit into one outfit” phase. Like Eliza, my style evolves, but always (read: hopefully) for the better.