Which Kanye Tweet Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Editor's Note: This story was originally published in Digital Issue V

See which tweet out of Kanye's treasure trove matches with your zodiac sign. 

By Emma Whalen



No one ever really knows what a Taurus is up to, but it's probably best to stay on their good side. They seem nice enough, but you can never be too sure of their intentions. Tauruses were probably voted "most likely to start a cult," in their high school yearbook.



Cryptic, as usual. Does Gemini actually hope you have a nice weekend? Is this their signature sarcasm or are they being fake? Are they actually being nice? Is this a subtweet about someone that Gemini hopes doesn’t have a good weekend? We’ll never know.



What is this? What is Cancer doing? Cancer is that person that is kind of a shit show, but somehow always gets it together last minute and can get away with anything. They’re just scraping by, figuring it out along the way. 



Leos are people pleasers. In fact, they’re almost competitively nice. If you compliment a Leo, they will reply with an even nicer compliment. If you tell them their hair looks nice, they’ll tell you your hair looks nice every single day. If you tweet, “#positive vibes,” they’ll post “# # #hashtag all the positive vibes.”



Virgos are the most productive people you know. When you were reading that listicle about the best celebrity cat sweater sightings of 2015, they were doing laundry, cooking dinner and calculating differential equations for an elective math class. They might be irritatingly efficient and put together, but you can always rely on them to get a project done.



Libras are bold. Libras are brave. Libras are the type of person to ask Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion and genuinely think it might work. The most “Kanye” of all the signs, Libras love Libras like Kanye loves Kanye.



Scorpios know when they’re being mean and they’re not going to hide it. At least they have a sense of humor about it. They’re that person you’re scared of, but you also want to be friends with. Plus you know they'll always have the best gossip.



Sagittariuses are the most fun. If you’re considering doing something risky and think, “would a Sagittarius do this?” and the answer is yes, don’t do it. As ridiculous as Sagitariuses are, you will never get away with half as much as they do, so don’t even try. Just sit back and enjoy the show.



You know what? I actually believe that. Capricorns are the ones you want to hate for being so awesome, but just can’t. They’re cool, creative and sometimes moody, but they’re doing dope shit and you can’t fault them for that.



Okay we GET IT, Aquarius. Aquarius wants to be different and no one is as cool, original, genuine, unique and hip as them. Blah blah blah, I could go on, but let's not give Aquarius that satisfaction.



Pisces have a lot of emotions. In fact, they have more emotions than they know what to do with. A Pisces is the type of person to corner you at a party and share their life story with you even if you just met them 5 minutes ago. In other words, they’re actually more of a Drake than a Kanye.  



As a fire sign, Aries are all about energy and hype. Aries are your go to hypeman. If you think you don’t need a hypeman, it's because you’ve never asked an Aries to be one for you. Aries are so hype they recognize that the best part of the movie, TRON, was its bright lights and that’s totally fine with them. Aries will hype anything up, especially if it’s shiny.