How to Eat Vegan at ACL

With one weekend of Austin City Limits down, the time of year filled with music, friends, and festival food continues.

Story by Miranda Barrera

Illustrations by Sonia Margolin

People who go to ACL go for the live music and atmosphere, but the food is also part of the festival. Music lovers have a wide array of choices to eat at places like The Mighty Cone and Austin’s Pizza.

However, there are vegans who go to ACL too. They may not eat the same foods that meat eaters do, but it is safe to say that vegans want to enjoy the food just as much as everyone else. So what can vegans eat at ACL?

vegan burg.png

Since the festival is set in Austin, there is already exposure to a plant-based diet. As a result, ACL has food to offer that can accommodate to this type of diet.

According to the ACL website, there are plenty of food vendors that have vegan options. A vegan may not be able to enjoy a delicious-looking grilled cheese that a friend is eating, but luckily East Side King, P. Terry’s Burger Stand, Trudy’s, Kababeque and Amy’s Ice Creams have vegan options.

With these five choices, a variety of vegan food is available. East Side King offers Japanese street food and the burgers from P. Terry’s are well-known across the city. Trudy’s specializes in Tex-Mex food while Kababeque captures a blend of Mediterranean and South Asian food. Lastly, a sweet treat of dairy-free ice cream can be enjoyed at Amy’s.

Whether one’s taste buds crave burgers or Tex-Mex, there are choices for all the vegans going to ACL to choose from. Vegans shouldn’t fret as they attend the festival. While there are limited options compared to those for meat eaters and even vegetarians, more foods, sweet treats and drinks are being offered to vegans.

Regardless of how one eats, ACL makes sure to cater to such diets in order for its attendees to enjoy the full experience of the festival. The festival just wouldn’t be the same without its mouth-watering foods and desserts.