Tattoos on Friday the 13th

Last Friday the 13th brought spooky references, superstitions and consistent jokes about luck. However, this semblance of a holiday also meant business for tattoo shops throughout Austin.

Story by Mary Pistorius and Caitlin Rounds

Austin Tattoo Company was one of the few shops that opened their doors at the stroke of midnight, beginning a tattoo extravaganza that would affect businesses across the city. 

While hopeful customers were limited to flash sheets of themed tattoos, such as skulls and blood, they may have waited longer than anticipated. Some stores witnessed lines of people waiting for over five hours. The tattoo artists agreed to work all day, sometimes more than 10 hours.

The extravaganza remained true to its name: artists up all night tattooing Austinites far and wide, proving their dedication to this holiday with every bit of ink used.