Which ‘90s Sitcom Character Are You?

Story by Lauren Weik


Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

Pick your favorite '90s fashion trend.

A. Dollar store chokers

B. Hip Hop Looney Tunes T-shirts

C. Scrunchies  

D. Denim overalls        


How would your friends describe you?

A. Loyal

B. Charismatic

C. Adorable

D. Funky


What would you be doing at a party?

A. Throwing up in the bathroom

B. Dancing

C. Taking care of everyone

D. Having a deep conversation on the balcony


Pick a place to have your birthday party.

A. Your friend’s living room

B. The local pool

C. Chuck E. Cheese's

D. The mall               


Photo courtesy of Reddit

Photo courtesy of Reddit

Pick your favorite '90s aesthetic.

A. The Nickelodeon splat

B. Vaporwave                                                                    

C. Interior design of Taco Bell

D. The archaic internet


Who is your favorite '90s man?

A. Steve Irwin

B. Kurt Cobain

C. Billy Mays                                                              

D. Jesse McCartney


What was your favorite '90s kid show?

A. "Arthur"

B. "Hey Arnold"

C. "Rugrats"

D. "Clarissa Explains it All"


Which '90s haircut would you have?

A. Feathered bangs

B. A flat top

C. Frosted tips

D. Middle-parted bowl cut


Pick a stand-out movie. 

A. "Pulp Fiction"

B. "Clueless"

C. "Forrest Gump"                                                       

D. "Mrs. Doubtfire"


Who was your favorite group of the decade? 


B. The Spice Girls

C. Destiny’s Child





Mostly As: Buffy Summers from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

You are a strong leader and possess the intelligence to overcome any obstacles that get in your way. Your power and understanding of the world make you successful and your focus allows you to achieve any goal you set your mind to.

Photo courtesy of imdb.com



Mostly Bs: Will Smith from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

You are the life of the party. Your charm and laid- back nature make you the coolest guy around. Although you can be mischievous at times, you have a good heart and a lot of integrity.

Photo courtesy of imdb.com



Mostly Cs: Tamera Ann Campbell from "Sister Sister"

You got Tamera Ann Campbell from the Sister Sister duo. You are impulsive and not afraid to speak your mind when it comes to matters you feel passionate about. Although you are intelligent, you choose to identify more with friends and family than with grades in school. You have a funky streak and love to have fun.

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Mostly Ds: Phoebe from "Friends"

You are free-spirited and the energetic one amongst your group of friends. People tend to refer to you as a hippie when in fact you just love nature, astrology and folksy music. You are passionate and kind-hearted but dislike the boring things in life.

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