10 Movies for 10 Emotions in College

It’s no surprise that college is hard. Sometimes you just need a break from responsibility.

Story by Evani Shah

Photos courtesy of IMDB

There is no better way to relax than to binge movies that match your mood. ORANGE Magazine has compiled a list of these movies for your next Friday night.



For When You're Homesick 

The University of Texas at Austin is a great school, but occasionally, you might miss home. Whether it is 10 minutes down the road or a long plane ride away, you miss your bed and don’t know why you ever had to go and grow up. “Where the Wild Things Are” is a perfect movie for that feeling.

This movie is a tale about a child who wanders far from home and ventures into the unknown. It will remind you that no matter where you venture out into the world, there’s always a place you can call home.


For When You're Stressed

Your head's about to explode and it seems like all of your professors are conspiring to ensure your academic demise. For when you’re just about ready to scream, this movie is appropriate.

Sometimes a children’s movie is all it takes to feel like a kid again. It remind you that “simpler times” aren’t necessarily over but one just needs a little bit of their youth to remind them that everything is going to be just fine.


For When You're Lonely

Texas is a huge state and UT is a huge university, yet somehow you just feel alone. You have your friends but everyone is too busy to hang out with you. So you’re just twiddling your thumbs waiting for someone to talk to.

In this movie, you follow a single girl in her twenties trying to navigate her way through Manhattan's dating scene. Though this may seem like a “chick flick,” this movie can turn you from wallowing in loneliness to being excited for all that lies ahead.


For When You're Content

There are definitely ups and downs in college but you’re really fine with where you’re at right now. You’re satisfied with your grades and your stress level isn’t overwhelming. Overall, things are just fine.

This movie regards a man wrongfully accused of a crime who meets a friend to help get him through the tough times. It involves plenty of ups, downs, highs and lows but ultimately leaves you with a feel-good vibe.


For When You're Bored

Campus seems dull despite the ample clubs and people around. You want to do something fun but you don’t know what or how or who with. You’re sitting in your room waiting for some excitement.

This movie follows a man as he journeys through fantasies within his own mind. It encourages you to go out and experience life in a plethora of ways regardless of who you’re with or if you’re with anyone at all. It inspires you to seek out all that the world has to offer.


For When You're Irritated

You’re super cranky. Your roommates were keeping you up all night. Your 8 a.m. professor has the most annoying voice and you’re 200% done with the day already.

In this story, you see a woman who has been a bridesmaid 27 times as she wonders when it will be her turn to be the bride. This movie may mirror some of the hectic, never-ending nuisances in life but will eventually leave you with a calming attitude.


For When You're Optimistic

Things are totally going your way right now. You’re going to nail your next exam and have a great rest of the week.

Here you meet a young girl who is torn between pleasing her traditional Indian family and following her passion for soccer. This movie is just the right amount of fun and empowering to help you continue the great mindset that you already have.


For When You're Pessimistic

You’re just in a rut. You have no desire to do anything and you’re feeling like things will never look up. Even though friends are trying to cheer you up but, you would rather wallow in bleakness for a bit.

Here follow the story of a man who grows infatuated with a computer operating program known as “Samantha.” While the film itself is wildly renowned, the ending is quite ambivalent. Sometimes happy-endings seem too cheesy or fake, so you need something real to fit the vibe you’re in.


For When You're Apathetic

That “I have no interest in anything” feeling is taking hold. You can’t seem to find any enthusiasm whatsoever, not for any particular reason, but because you just don’t care.

This movie takes place inside the mind of a young girl and the main characters are embodiments of her feelings. As she deals with one of the toughest things her young self has ever had to face, you will be in awe of the beautiful articulation of emotion. It will remind you that you do have feelings and apathy is one of them.