Which Bodysuit Matches Your Style?

Bodysuits are a trend on the rise, and while they are similar in their basic structure, there are some cute and complex styles that require a unique taste. Although bodysuits are not the most convenient for restroom situations, you can rock a bodysuit under almost anything - shorts, skirts, jeans, you name it - and look effortlessly amazing. Since each bodysuit type elicits a distinct personality, ORANGE has created a short quiz to help match the perfect bodysuit to your personal style.

Quiz by Jacqueline Briddell

Illustrations by Maddy Kaniewski

I’m running late for class, but I still have time to:

A. Put on a full face of makeup.

B. Nothing! I can’t be late.

C. Throw my hair up into a cute messy bun.

D. Check my emails, duh.

E. Run to the nearest Starbucks to get coffee.

My go-to hairstyle is:

A. A high ponytail

B. Second-day hair, when it just naturally looks good

C. Space buns

D. Parted down the middle

E. Leaving my hair down

I would consider my favorite piece of jewelry:

A. A statement necklace

B. Stud earrings

C. A choker necklace

D. Pearl earrings

E. Hoop earrings

I’m going out with friends tonight and I’ll most likely wear:

A. An off-the-shoulder top with skinny jeans

B. Shorts and a tank top

C. A bodycon dress

D. Boyfriend jeans and a cute blazer

E. A flowy summer dress

I would best describe my style as:

A. Chic

B. Simple, but cute

C. Edgy

D. Sophisticated

E. Playful


Mostly As:

Off-the-shoulder bodysuit

You love showing skin, so an off-the-shoulder bodysuit would be your perfect match for this trend.. Pair your off-the-shoulder bodysuit with either a necklace or bold statement earrings, but not both. Your jewelry of choice will help emphasize your bare shoulders without overpowering the look. If you are looking to show off as much skin as possible, wear this bodysuit with shorts and sandals and call it a day, but if you want to keep it classy, pair it with long pants and high heels.

Mostly Bs:

Scoop neck bodysuit

Your style is very simple, but you still love to serve looks. Scoop neck bodysuits are the epitome of the “OGs” of bodysuits. They don’t have a fancy collar or front design, but they look great with everything. Find a bodysuit in a bold statement color and pair it with a pair of jean shorts and some earrings--  you’ll be ready in less than five minutes. This is the perfect look for hot summer days.

Mostly Cs:

Lace up bodysuit

You love going the extra mile to dress up and follow the latest trends, but you have a way of making everything you wear look tailor-made for your style. Lace up bodysuits work well with high waisted jeans or solid colored shorts. The string design from the bodysuit will be the highlight of your outfit, so try to stay away from wearing any bold staple pieces that would distract from it. Instead, pair this bodysuit with a subtle necklace or earrings and a bracelet and you’re all set.

Mostly Ds:

Mock neck bodysuit

Everything about your style screams “sophisticated.” Your life may be falling apart behind the scenes, but you’ve mastered the “fake it until you make it” mentality. Your outfits are cute, trendy and readily dressed for literally any situation -even an unexpected job interview. Mock neck bodysuits look great with drawstring trousers or a suede mini skirts, especially if you are trying to uphold a polished look.

Mostly Es:

Halter Bodysuit with open back

Your style is an indication to everyone that you love to have fun. Your bodysuits screams confident and sexy, all while serving a classic open back look. You could wear a halter bodysuit with literally anything -jeans, woven shorts or even underneath a mesh t-shirt, but consider  a cute faux suede mini skirt to finish off the look. If you are feeling particularly bold, complete the outfit with thigh high boots or gladiator sandals.