How to Decide If You Should Get a New Roommate

As Spring 2017 winds down, we’re all faced with difficult decisions. Some of us have to buckle down and kiss our college years goodbye, others are just now finding their footing and will have to start laying down the foundations of their future, and a few of us need to figure out if we should room with the same people next year.

Story by Sayuri Kolombege

Illustrations by Alex Guillen

As always, ORANGE has got you covered. Here are a few signs that you need new roomies.

If Your Clothes Unexpectedly Become "Our" Clothes

If you’ve ever seen your roommate in a shirt that looks just like something you’d buy, well maybe you did and they just treat your closet like a lost and found.


If You No Longer Need an Alarm to Wake You Up in the Morning

The days of asking Siri to set an alarm at 8:00, 8:05, 8:10 a.m. are gone because a racket that can only be described as a Civil War reenactment is commencing just a few feet away from you.


If the Only Thing You Have in Common is Attending the Same University

Roommates have an interesting way of expanding your social circle, and in many cases, they become your lifelong friends (if you need any proof, refer back to the countless movies and TV shows that utilize the trope of starting a friendship by sharing a dorm in college). So, if this particular person doesn’t fit the bill of best friend material, maybe the next one will.


If You Ever Find Yourself Not Wanting to Go Back to Your Dorm/Apartment After a Long Day

Maybe it’s because they leave the common area in a state of chaos. Maybe it’s because you hate their friends that always seem to be over. Maybe it’s because they decided to pursue tap dancing and the sound of their shoes striking the floor is enough to make you want to drop out.


If You Never Hang Out Outside of Your Living Quarters

If you’re not grabbing lunch once a week or attending any social event together, perhaps it’s because you don’t like spending more time with them than you have to. Do yourself a favor and don’t spend any time with them next year.



If You Have to Consistently Cover Their Share of the Bills

Extra cash should only be used to fund two things: stress eating and retail therapy.


If You've Become "The Mom"

If you’re folding, cleaning, washing or organizing things that aren’t yours, then you’re the mom. There should be one simple philosophy to sharing a home: not your mess, not your problem.


If You Argue More than You Laugh

Your roommates are not family. You don’t have to stick with them through thick and thin. If it starts to become routinely tough, call it quits.  


If You Like the Dorm/Apartment at Completely Different Temperatures

No, I will not just “throw on an extra blanket” or “ turn on a fan.” Trust me, that battle is more trouble than it’s worth. Get out of that toxic environment ASAP.


If Your Friends Have Never Met Your Roommate

If your roommate doesn't get the stamp of approval from your regulars, there may be a problem.

Finding new roommates can be intimidating, and it’s always a hassle to start all over. But once you find the perfect one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Your new best friend is out there— you just haven’t been assigned with them yet!