Five Local Thrift Shops for Your Halloween Needs

Spooky season has arrived, and it’s time to bring out your inner child and start planning a costume. We may not all have the means to head to Party City and spend upwards of $40 on a costume, so here are a few local thrift stores with the best selections to help make your Halloween the spookiest.

Story by Emily Mercer

Photos by Emma Hollingsworth

Thrift Town

Address: 5700 Manchaca Rd #240, Austin, TX 78745

Thrift Town has multiple rounder racks full of donated Halloween costumes (both kids and adult sizes) as well as a small selection of Halloween accessories such as hats, wigs and decorations. Another great thing about this store is they have a really large “vintage” section. If you’re looking to go DIY with your costume this year, this would be a perfect place to find some excellent pieces.


Texas Thrift

Address: 5319 I-35, Austin, TX 78723

Texas Thrift has multiple racks packed full of adult sized costumes. They also have a limited selection of accessories. This store is one of the larger local thrifting spots in town. If a costume doesn’t jump out at you, then you’re likely to find something that will do the same job.

Texas Thrift storefront, charity secondhand clothing shop with daily deals, located just off of I-35.

Top Drawer Thrift

Address: 4902 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

Top Drawer Thrift is slightly on the small and limited size with their collection. However, their cool atmosphere and spooky decorations will make it a trip to remember. There isn’t a specific costume section, but if you’re looking for a cool statement piece such as a vibrant bag or cool hat, this is the destination for you.

Top Drawer storefront, clothing and vintage items thrift store located near intersection of Burnet and North Lamar.

Top Drawer storefront, clothing and vintage items thrift store located near intersection of Burnet and North Lamar.

Treasure City Thrift

Address: 2142 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

Treasure City Thrift certainly has the largest selection of costumes and accessories with multiple racks and shelves full of them. They also have a large selection of masks, something that other stores are lacking. The best part about Treasure City Thrift is their 25 cent sales during which everything in the store costs only 25 cents.

Treasure City Thrift storefront, secondhand clothing and household items collective benefiting local charities, located on East 7th Street.


Address: 5222 Burnet Rd #600, Austin, TX 78756

Savers is the best place to get a put together Halloween costume from. With their multiple aisles of packaged and unopened accessories, it’s almost like shopping in a retail store but for more than half the price! They also have racks and racks of clothes that could certainly be picked through to compliment the perfect accessory that you picked up.