Before and After: Midterm Playlist and Post-Midterm Dance Playlist

The semester is halfway over, which means midterms are in full swing. Music can help guide you through the process.

Story by Cruz Rendon and Mandie Meier

Photos courtesy of Giphy

Midterm Time

School can be especially overwhelming during this time of the year: multiple exams, projects, papers, you name it. It is important to unwind, especially when you are trying to study. To help you pull through, ORANGE Magazine has curated a four hour playlist.

Post-Midterm Dance Party

Finally. You’ve been studying for hours and aced your test. And even if you didn’t, it is done and over with. Time to unwind, bring out the speaker and throw some back. Here’s a playlist that’ll have you bopping around your room and shakin’ it. Goodbye tests. This playlist is a pregame to the weekend.