Nordstrom Gets a Little More Ethical

Department store giant Nordstrom has welcomed another ethical brand to their lineup. This time they’re taking on athletic wear.

Story by Autumn Sanders

Seattle-based brand Girlfriend Collective specializes in sustainable workout gear made from recycled water bottles. Each pair of leggings repurposes either recycled fish nets, or water bottles.

Photo courtesy of Girlfriend Collective

Photo courtesy of Girlfriend Collective

According to their website, Girlfriend Collective prides themselves on transparency both in their advertising and in their manufacturing Girlfriend Collective goes as far as to provide a step-by-step guide as to exactly how they turn recycled water bottles into their vast assortment of leggings.

After the bottles are sourced from Taiwan, they’re spun into ultra soft fabric that GC says is even soften than regular jersey material.

“Our fabric is softer and more stable than your standard single-jersey,” Girlfriend Collective said on their website. “This process requires time and precision, which means each of our knitting machines can only produce about 100 pairs-worth of fabric in a 24-hour period.”

Now, the revolutionary company is first 100% sustainable athletic wear brand to be carried at both in store and online, Girlfriend Collective follows on the heels of the addition of sustainable clothing giant Reformation.

Photo courtesy of Girlfriend Collective

Photo courtesy of Girlfriend Collective

As the conversation about fast fashion and pollution have reached the mainstream large fashion companies seem to be doing their part to ease the burden.

“We're committed to being transparent about the work that we're doing, and each year we publish Sharing Our Progress—our corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, which outlines successes we've had over the past year and the opportunities we have to improve in the future.” Nordstrom said on their website.

The report details their push to bring sustainable fashion brands they believe in to the everyday Nordstrom shopper.

Nordstrom joins companies like H&M in sharing their very tangible plans for how to move their company into the future.