New Year, New You: A Playlist for the 2019 Diva

Throw yourself into 2019 the way any diva would -- with confidence and a steady stream of music to stomp their heels to.

By Savannah Olson

Gifs courtesy of GIPHY

Every new year starts the same: you gather your wits and decide on a resolution that can range from ‘writing more’ to ‘completely changing your entire being.’ Instead of taking on vague resolutions that you’ll probably stop doing after the first two weeks of January, channel your inner diva and get stuff done. From finances with Rihanna to serving confidence with Kelis, check out the list below for the diva bop that fits your 2019 goals.

For the Diva Who Wants to Build Their Finances

“Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna


If you are trying to get that bag this new year, there’s no better place to look than pop-icon and Fenty entrepreneur, Rihanna. Since founding the multi-billion dollar makeup company, RiRi has continued forming her empire with a SavagexFenty lingerie line and a future interest in making furniture. Bitch Better Have My Money exudes BDE, inspiring us to throw on a power suit and stay on that grind just as Rihanna has.

For the Diva Who Wants to Focus On Self-Love

“Coconut Oil” by Lizzo


Loving oneself can be a lifelong journey, but take the steps towards feeling like the queen you are by listening to Lizzo. With a catalogue full of absolute bangers, Lizzo is all about body-positivity and not giving a damn about how others view her. Her song “Coconut Oil” exudes growth, from once being lost about who she was to finding comfort in who she has become.

For the Diva Who Wants to Exude Confidence

“Bossy” by Kelis

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In many spaces, people find the need to feel threatened by a confident woman and decide she’s “bossy.” Bossy tends to have a negative connotation and is usually directed towards women instead of men. But in Kelis’ thumping song “Bossy”, she switches the word up to signify someone who knows what they want and acts on those desires. If you’re gearing up to ask for that promotion or working on a group project, bumping “Bossy” is sure to put you in the mindset that maybe being bossy isn’t so bad.

For the Diva Who Is Ready to Move On

“He Wasn’t Man Enough” by Toni Braxton

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Moving into a new year can make you feel ready for a new world of possibilities, but that transition can be slowed down if you’re stuck in a dead-end relationship. Follow ‘90s diva extraordinaire Toni Braxton’s advice and dump that dude! “He Wasn’t Man Enough” is a classic tune about leaving a man who wasn’t good enough for the woman in the relationship. It’s full of attitude and a juicy chorus about revenge, with enough nostalgia for the late 90s era of R&B divas.

Check out the playlist below to channel even more of your inner diva for the new year.