Best Moments of “Insecure” Season Three

The third season of “Insecure” recently wrapped up and coincidentally, cuffing season is here. Take a look back at the eight best moments from the eight episodes in the latest installment of the show.

Story by Mmeso Onuoha

Photos courtesy of HBO

Issa Tells Kelly She’s Been Saving - Episode 2

Issa enters her best friend Kelly’s office to tell her she’s been saving. The two of them do a little “she’s been saving dance” and Kelly, after viewing Issa’s credit tells her she hasn’t been saving enough. This humbling moment in the season reminds viewers that sometimes they have to wait a little longer for good things to come their way.

Issa Isn’t the Voice of All Black People - Episode 2

At a lunch with her coworkers, Issa explains that even though she is the only black person in the group, she doesn’t want to be the voice for all black people all the time. That’s something that many black people feel when they’re the only black person in a group. Yes, it’s important to give voice to our community when we can, but that isn’t the only reason we exist in a group, and we can’t possibly be expected to properly represent all black people. They’re not all the same.

Issa is the Best Wingman - Episode 2

Issa encourages her ex boo Daniel to go to the club and put himself out there for his music producing career. Issa is the best wingman, boosting Daniel up, reminding him that people believe in his talent and telling him not to give up on his dreams no matter how hard it gets. Not only is Issa playing the role generally assigned to men in television, but she reminds viewers that men can be vulnerable too and that friendship is extremely valuable.

The Beat Crew - Episode 3

Issa is at an event for her job where different non-profits showcase the good they can do. Issa watches a kids’ dance performance by “The Beat Crew,” a non-profit teaching dance to inner-city youth, and is inspired. This moment tells us that when we feel stuck at our jobs, simple things can remind us what we started for.

Molly Treats Herself to Coachella - Episode 5

Molly, one of the show’s main characters and Issa best friend, is an overachiever. She works at a law firm and is unfairly dumped with work just before her girls weekend at Coachella. As the hardworking person she is, she decides to start her work early, and start her Coachella festivities later to ensure she doesn’t miss out on a weekend of fun for an instant of impressing her bosses. College students take note.

Lawrence is a Respectful Ex - Episode 6

Lawrence and his friends are talking about cheating and forgiveness in a chill bar setting. When his best friend Chad calls Issa a “hoe” for cheating on Lawrence he instantly corrects him, saying there is no need for that language or disrespect towards Issa. Lawrence acknowledges that he and Issa share a deep friendship despite the end of their romantic relationship. He knows that calling her some derogatory term won’t change that, and he makes sure his friends maintain the same level of respect for Issa as he did.

It’s Ok Girl, We Get It - Episode 7

Issa didn’t get any of her texts or calls to Nathan, her new boo thang, returned. After hours of worrying, she decided to call her best friend Molly and drive over to his place. With her hair a mess, her clothes from the previous night still on, and one eye possibly twitching. In this moment all we can really do is nod our head, ‘cause love, or at least infatuation, makes you act differently. We feel you Issa.

Good Times and Bad Times - Episode 8

Issa is trying to put on a community block party to do some good for her neighborhood and is turned down by every vendor, entertainer, and community member she approaches. On the bright side, she meets one person who might make it all turn around. Molly, on the other hand, is made co-head of one of the biggest projects at the firm, and it’s a huge win! However, her co-head sees some of her overzealousness as selfishness and gives her full control of the project, and Molly is left ostracized and alone at her new office. This moment ends the season on a note that a lot of us can relate to. Sometimes things don’t go right and we have something that gives us hope. Other times everything we wish for is ours, and something comes along and ruins it. That’s life, and “Insecure” does an amazing job of giving us stories we can all relate to, with a majority black cast.