Rom-Com Playlist: Let’s Fall in Love

As the sweet dorky guy who at first you were unsure about, but now you like, runs out of his very important meeting to confess his love to the obvious gorgeous girl, he faces the obstacle of rain. But does that stop him? Never.

Story by Hayli Rudolph

He runs through the rain only to see that his car is not working. On foot it is, then. As dorky guy gets to gorgeous girl’s apartment in upper Manhattan, her eclectic roommate tells him that she just left for the airport. Concluding his journey with one last sprint through the airport, he finds the girl and they have a magical kiss as the crowd applauds.

If you can never get enough confessions of love in the rain, sprints through airports and the beautiful Meg Ryan getting the guy, again, then this is the playlist for you. From your favorite rom-coms soundtracks and straight to your ears, this playlist is full of songs that any sappy movie lover would recognize, plus a few more for good measure.